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Yesterday's Five Five:

1.         Roger Clemens is about the seediest character that I've seen.  One thing to cheat and lie about it.  It is another thing to seemingly live your life as a total lie.  Somewhere in California, Barry Lamar Bonds is so happy that you have come to the rescue.  My question is, would the media be this nice if Barry would have been the alleged lover of a 15-year old singer?

2.         Mike D'Antoni is a great guy and an innovative basketball coach, but he is not the right fit for the Phoenix Suns as they are currently constructed.  With an aged Steve Nash and an even more advanced Shaquille O'Neal, this team is built for more half court sets.  If Toronto is smart, they hire D'Antoni tomorrow.  He's the perfect fit for that team.  Look for Suns GM Steve Kerr to make a play for Rick Carlisle or Jeff Van Gundy, who are much more equipped to coach this Suns roster.

3.         Chris Paul is the best young multi-talented point guard the NBA has seen since Isiah Thomas, before Zeke became the laughing stock executive that your kids know him as.  The kid has developed a nice complimentary jumper to go along with his blazing speed.  He has turned David West and Tyson Chandler into All-Star players overnight.  Speaking of Chandler, its good to see him start to fulfill the promise that has been talked about since his was a 14 year old phenom chronicled on 60 Minutes.  And you just can't feel better for a subset of people than the New Orleans fans.  

4.         I was a Red Wings doubter, but the quick work they are making in the Colorado series is proving me dead wrong.  I had a feeling before the playoffs that Nashville (who always gives the Wings a hard time) was a tougher matchup than the Avs, but I had no clue Detroit would make it look this easy.  The Chris Osgood switch has turned out to be golden for the Wings.  Speaking of quick work, the Penguins are all that is right with the new NHL.  Young stars, energetic crowds, a team that is fun to watch on TV.....Gary Bettman should have them on every night.

5.         Speaking of hockey, Ron Wilson has first dibs on as soon as Mike D'Antoni and Avery Johnson get new gigs lined up.  No hockey coach gets less out of more in the postseason than Ron Wilson.  San Jose needs a guy like Mike Keenan to shake things up a bit when things get stagnant.  How a hockey team that looks like a football team can get outplayed as they have habitually in the second round is incomprehensible to me.

Today's must-see:

Kevin Garnett, could you please take over a game sometime?  You are one of my favorites, but you're right there with Dirk Nowitski, Tracy McGrady, and Patrick Ewing in playoff futility.  KG has more deferments than Dick Cheney on a military assignment! You have the chance of a lifetime, don't blow it big fella.


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