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Well another weekend of baseball in the books and our season is moving along, maybe not nicely, but moving.  We won 2 of 3 from Milwaukee and Chicago and we should be happy about that right?  I mean it was on the road and all.  The fact of the matter is that we ran into two teams who couldn't beat anyone of late and we dropped 2 games.  I guess it could have been worse, but we needed a sweep to gain some much needed momentum.

So we win three games in a row followed by two losses in a row.  Just when we think our Braves are about to reel off a 8 of 10 or something even better they go back to the team a week ago and we're in trouble again.  And for crying out loud how long can we continue with this Thorman experiment?  He isn't getting any better and his swing is just simply out of control.  I mean he has been batting .150 since May and this isn't a regular .150, it's a .150 with a lot of strikouts in key situations.  I mean put it in play and put some pressure on the defense.  I'm ready to hand the job over to Salty.  I mean it can't get much worse.  This is just one of the expirements that I have talked about before that Bobby has waited too long to pull the plug on.

On a positive note we have a legitimate threat off the bench now is Escobar.  This guy puts the ball in play and with some velocity.  I was getting really worried only having Chris Woodward as our primary bat off the bench.  Talk about a bust.  So when Chipper returns Escobar will stay. 

Now moving on to Lance Cormier's much anticipated season debut.  I said so before we can't put too much into Lance Cormier coming back and saving the end of the rotation.  I mean he wasn't spectacular last season and let's not let the 1.something spring training ERA fool us.  I mean half of those hitters are bagging groceries as I write this.  But hey Lance has some good stuff.  I certainly didn't expect him to walk into his first game and shut anyone down.  I saw this start coming but it doesn't mean the end.  Face it it's still better than Redman.  Speaking of Redman he is a Ranger now.  Just when you think the Rangers are done trying to dig up nobodies, they go and sign Redman.  Ha, good luck with that.  At least in the National Legaue he got to face the pitcher so he could get 1/3 inning credit.

So today is a big doubleheader for us.  We need to win to gain some ground and the always needed momentum.  We can't drop 3 of 4 at home and have another losing homestand.  I have no idea why we can't play at home.  I expect a good outing from ole Buddy.  He has his first start under his belt and can relax today.  Now I am not talking shutout but let's just say he will be better than Hudson was last night.  Hudson struggled but the defense struggled even more.  And tonight Smoltz will be Smoltz.  So GO BRAVES!



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