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I will start off with what I liked about the Cowboys draft then go down. I liked the No. 25 selection of CB Mike Jenkins. He has good size at CB and is very fast. He is a good PR/KR which also translates well to when he intercepts the ball, he goes into punt return mode. A physical playmaker who I feel whill be much like CB Asante Samuel.

The other pick I like is 4th round RB Tashard Choice. This guy is almost the same as Marion Barber just a little more burst. He can do everything. He is just a little faster top end than Marion, but both of them are just great players. So if MBIII goes down, I have all the faith in the world that Choice can get it done. By having such an explosive offense, Choice will get better running lanes.

4th round choice shipped to the Titans for CB Pacman Jones. He is a trouble maker, yes. But he knows he has no more chances left and must provide for his family. Also, he is playing for a contender. That is a big deal to EVERY player in the NFL. Why would you mess up? Jones and Jenkins give us two very physical/size/speed/returner abilities right away.

5th round choice CB Orlando Scandrick. At 5-10 195 and a 4.32 40 time, the Cowboys added more athleticism to the Secondary that lacked in that department. I feel soooo much more releaved now that CB Jacques Reeves and Nate Jones aren't going to be out there in the Dime package. Many scouts thought that Scandrick would go in the 3rd round. Luckily for him and Dallas he didn't. Speed kills.....and that is something the Cowboys needed. Now the Secondary won't get shredded as much or at all....(BESIDES ROY WILLIAMS)

I hated the Felix Jones pick. I wanted a WR or S Kenny Phillips. But, when RB Rashard Mendenhall fell to the Cowboys, I couldn't help but to want him. He was my No. 1 rated RB and the Cowboys No. 2. He will be the be the best RB in this class by far. Why draft a ROLE Player when you can get an eventual superstar? Darren McFadden won't be lining up at QB and let Felix run Reverses and End arounds. Arkansas ran a lot of Zone Blocking scheme. When I watch his game tapes the Defenses would be way out of position because of DMC and not in their lanes. This won't happen in the NFL. The only thing I can hope is that Felix Jones who only ran a 4.47 can be a Dynamic Return man in the NFL. He won't be Devin Hester........Worth a 1st round pick? No.

TE Martellus Bennett......Who do we need a 2nd round TE with a 4th round grade. There are many more physically gifted and better blockers than Bennett. Why didn't we get a guy like TE Kellen Davis out of MSU. He is bigger, way faster, and better at blocking. I just don't see the need. If you wanted a blocker, they should have gotten TE Cottam form Tenn. in the 3rd round.

Again, one last time....Why would you draft an overrated Backup? Marion and Mendenhall could kill defenses together and Mendenhall can break the big runs as well as punish a defense. Oh well. Jerry Jones will regret this forever. Randy Moss or Greg Ellis? Same thing here.

I give this draft a B. Because of the other pickups I love......but Felix, Martellus, and No WR.........makes me upset!


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