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Well the inevitable finally happened. Ryan Periloux finally screwed the last time through a drug test. Well at least it didn't happen in the middle of the season. Well in a way I think we are better for it. Would you really want to put your body on the line Saturday after Saturday for a guy you don't know if he even cares if you win or lose. He obviously doesn't because if he did he wouldn't of been so stupid. To tell you the truth I thought the guy was trouble first thing he signed with LSU and said and I quote " I'm gonna beat out Russel for the starting job and win 4 heismans and 4 national championships." I just don't know if I could of went through this season as a fan with a QB who might not be there next week. Another thing that pisses me off about it is that I stood up for the guy because he was a part of my team on this site, with my friends, and on a freaken national radio show now it isn't just him that looks stupid it is also us who supported him. Now there's two things that can come of this

1. LSU has a 7 or 8 win season and lets this little incident ruin what could be the makings of a dynasty

2. LSU has one of the inexperienced QB's come in and be efficient and let the ground game carry the load and LSU has 9 or 10 wins maybe in a rebuilding season, kinda like Sam Bradford last year for Oklahoma

But LSU is decent at QB, they have 3 guys that are gonna contend for the job. The front runner has to be Andrew Hatch who is an Ivy League transfer so he has to have his priorities strait if he made it to the Ivy League, He was 13 of 17 with about 200 yards and 1 TD in the spring game. The likely second string guy is Jarret Lee who has a decent arm good accuracy and is not very fast. The dark horse has to be Jordan Palmer, an incoming freshman who runs a 4.6 40 and has a rocket arm, but doesn't know the offense so if Gary Crowten works with him alot in the off-season he could be the one to take Matt Flynn's spot at QB. Also the 2nd best QB in the '09 class Russel Shepard is coming in the year after that so look for them to start preparing him to start right away if none of these guys pan out.

Here's my updated predictions for LSU without RP

DATEOPPONENT  8/30Appalachian State W9/06Troy W9/13North Texas W9/20@ Auburn L9/27Mississippi State W10/11@ Florida L10/18@ South Carolina W10/25Georgia L11/01Tulane W11/08Alabama *11/22Mississippi W11/28@ Arkansas W

* Alabama is to close to call

Well LSU went from a top 10 team to a bottom of the top 25 team just because Ryan Periloux couldn't stay off drugs. But don't worry tiger fans because sometimes guys like Ryan Periloux can hurt your team more than help him. Jeremy Shockey is a prime example. The giants went from a wild card team to super bowl champions partly because They got along better without a good players with a bad attitude.I think that it's unfortunate that he isn't gonna get to be a part of LSU not that LSU isn't gonna get to be a part of him.


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