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May 3rd, 2007: a date that shall live in infamy. It was the day that I joined this very site. I came upon it quite simply. I was reading Sports Illustrated like I do every week when I came to a letter from the editor of the magazine. In it, he explained FanNation and what it was all about. Instantly, I was intrigued.

I wrote my first blog which was a whole six sentences in length and took me maybe 60 seconds to type it. I also started throwdowning. At one point, my record was 7-9-2. I am now 33-10-3. This site was perfect for me. For some reason though, I never became all too interested in the T&R portion of this site. In my time on this site, I've met some very nice people, of which I would like to point out and thank right now.

Steelercooz: I can't thank you enough. You were mine (and a lot of people's) mentor in not only sports but also in life.

thehemogoblin: I'll be honest; I never really liked this guy until I started talking to him in the SIFS and the Atroo. Turns out, he's a cool guy.

erwin: He doesn't spend much time on FanNation anymore (we've lost him to some girl named Lauren), but while he was here, he was one of my best friends.

BSchwartz: A true hero who has finally come home. He's always been a nice guy and helped you out whenever and however he could.

hiya: He founded what would become my favorite group I've ever been a part of on FanNation.

DetroitFan: A nice guy who dominates throwdowning. haha. He's one of the best this site has ever had, and he's usually very nice about everything.

Denis: I have had many a basketball discussion with him, and he is one of the few people on this site who follows the foreign basketball players like I do. (Ricky Rubio!)

Cardsox and Nomarfan: These two go together because while they are nice and funny guys, they are really close friends. Almost too close if you ask me.

DJTG_2010: DJ has been one of my best friends on this site and I have talked with him quite a bit in the Atroo.

Mac: I enjoy your blogs, and you always find a way to make fun of me.

Irish and chrono: These two are both my friends in the Atroo, and both are just a little out there. (one is a hippie)

RUGator: His blogs have taught me a lot, and if you haven't read them, I suggest you start right now. He, like Cooz, has been somewhat of a mentor to me. I appreciate it.

Josh, Dan, Lilwound, IAM, i B4 e, and the rest of the Friday Debates gang: I have to mention you guys because, well, you make me laugh and you've taught me certain "things".

Ben and Cole: Thanks for making the Atroo, Ben, and thanks for spending so much time in the Locker Talk with me, Cole.

Cava and Lifer: You guys are good friends who know a whole helluva lot about politics. Thanks.

AdamLee and David: Thanks. Adam and David were two of the best throwdowners and nicest guys on this site. David and I had intense battles for the Tournament Throwdowns championships.

Hova: Your 40/40 Club blog has now become one of my favorite on the site. It is funny yet filled with sports knowledge. Not to mention he was also the first to congratulate me on my FanNation Anniversary.

Now, I can't list everyone, but I thank those who took the time to read and comment my blogs and throwdowns. It has been a good year.


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