Lebron James has just left the Cavaliers as a free agent for the New York Knicks. It's a bigger market, more money, more of a daily following through the media, and of course its New York. But a day after he signs a new contract, one making him the highest paid player in the NBA, James gets second thoughts and wants to go back to the Cavs, even willing to play with his original contract, much less than what the Knicks were offering. So James sits down with the Knicks' front office, works out a deal, and hes back to Cleveland and even praised for returning to his roots.

This scenario would never happen because no player would be able to get out of his original contract yet for some reason Billy Donovan was able to achieve this the past couple of days. Maybe it is because he is a coach rather than a player but I still find it unexcusable for anyone to change their mind after a contract has been signed. There have been numerous times in the history of sports where athletes and coaches have agreed verbally but then change their mind and in my opinion that is the time to do that. But once that contract is signed it should be upheld except in extreme situations. There should not be this "I have second thoughts" story and Donovan should be ashamed and apologetic towards the Orlando fan base, players, and front office.

In other news from today, Trent Green has finally been traded to the Miami Dolphins. The trade felt anticlimatic and more as a relief than an interesting news story, yet the Quarterback position in Miami may provide enough drama to make up for these feelings today. If Daunte Culpepper is able to rebound from his knee injuries and become the player he was in Minnesota, the player the Dolphins traded a second round pick for, new coach Cam Cameron will face another tough decision. He has already upset fans with his first round draft pick of Ted Ginn Jr., and there is zero way to please everyone if this dilemna arises near South Beach.

Tyler Clippard pitched 5 innings of five hit ball and allowing one run today for the Yankees in a 7-3 victory over the White Sox. He threw 89 pitches, 53 of which were strikes, but walked three hitters while striking out four. If Clippard can cut his walks down and be more efficient he should be able to get furthur into games and possibly be a consistent starter until Clemens and/or Hughes are able to return. He has proven that he has a nice out pitch with his breaking pitches, expects to win everytime he gets the ball, and does not seem scared out on the field facing anyone.

I'll keep trying to be more consistant on my writing but my job does not allow me to sign into this website.


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