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Flash back to December 30, 2007.

 Jay Cutler labored, he was tired, and the second quarter had only just began. The franchise quarterback couldn't explain why he was so tired, or why he had lost over thirty pounds since the start of the season. He hadn't been this lite since his freshman year at Vanderbilt. But he couldn't let any of this bother him, it was another game and he had to play his heart out. The opposing team was already up by three. It appeared to be another loss, to end a dissapointing season. But Jay Cutler battled on. He tried to at least find some sort of small victory before the season was over. The season hadn't gone the way he had planned, so these small victories were all he had.

Cutler completed a 12 yard pass to his favorite target, Brandon Marshall. It was a milestone catch for Marshall, number 100 on the season. To Cutler it was another small victory.

 The Broncos ended up winning the game, 22-19. Jay Cutler had a great game, he completed 26 of 37 passes for 246 yards and two touchdowns. But more importantly the Broncos finished the season with a win. Unknown at the time, Cutler played this game and most of the season, suffering from the first signs of type 1 Diabetes. Cutler's weight loss, and always being tired could all be explained by the Diabetes that Cutler was diagnosed with in the spring of 2008. Now Cutler would have another enemy to fight, this one has the potential to be much more dangerous then any pass rusher.

 With diabetes, Jay Cutler will have to take daily insulin shots, to stay healthy. If he fails to, the results are scary. Diabetes has the potential to be fatal if the victim doesn't get any insulin. Fortianitly for Cutler, and the Denver Broncos, Cutler is taking his daily insulin shots and he feels better then ever. The young quarterback is eating a better diet and he is regaining the weight that he lost.

The thought of their star player diagnosed with diabetes is scary to Denver Bronco fans. But there is a silver lining to every cloud. If Jay Cutler can play as good as he did in 2007 (88.1 QB rating and 3,497 yards) when he is losing weight and not in his best shape and still in only his second NFL year, what can he do when he's in better shape? Time will tell, on what Jay Cutler can do, and where he will take the Denver Broncos. But there are reasons to be optimistic.

However diabete is nothing to take granted of, so please keep Jay in your prayers. Jay seems to have realized that however, and he is doing everything to help himself fight the disease. And his charity has become involved with programs that research diabetes and help others who have the disease.


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