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Here is my mock for 2009.


1. Oakland Raiders- Michael Oher-  Al davis will be sitting in his draft room and wondering why his teams keep losing and then he will have an idea (his first thought) and will realize that his team needs an O-line to be succesfull.  Oher will give them a big strong body in Oher who is almost as big as JaMarcus Rusell!  But Seriously Oher could become the key in making this team a contender he is massive at 6'6 325 pounds and is athletic and would be the glue to a lackluster O-line.  I have the Raiders at #1 because of a domino effect on offense the line will not block well in the passing game and be forced to run the ball which will result in defenses stacking the box and pounding McFadden and with the O-line bad at run blocking many of those will result in losses.  And on Defense they are at a major disadvantage in the run game with no good DTs in the Middle and more and more teams doubling Burgess will provide little pass rush and that will kill their defense in every other aspect much like this year.




2. Detroit Lions- Sam Bradford-  Bradford in my mind is the front runner for the Heisman.  He threw 36 touchdowns this year and if he duplicates that he should be a lock for it.  He will use the talent the Lions have in the recieving corps way better than Kitna did.  I see this team as a train crash waiting to happen if it has not already happend.  They have no running backs that can carry a load and no O-line to help and the passing game will suffer do to no pass blocking and teams dropping 9 because that is the only way they can beat you.  Also have alot of ditraction with rumors of trades and no stability in the coaching staff at all.  Jon Ktna is not a good QB and will suffer heavily this season and will not throw any where near 4,000 yard.  There defense still has no real good player and can't stop any on, but getting Bodden was a start.



3.  Kansas City Chiefs- Juice Williams-  Juice has a great arm and good accuracy and with more coaching should become a top tier passer.  His best attribute is his athleticism which makes him an intruiging prospect.  He will give the Chiefs an electric offense and instintly improve scoring.  Juice really impressed me in the rose bowl going up a much better team in USC he threw the ball well completing 60% of his passes and throwing 245 yards which may not seem overly impressive but think about who he was playing against and who he had on his team besides Mendanhall.  Also he would not be the first raw talent taken in the top 5 at QB Mike Vick, Vince Young,  and Donovan McNabb(wasn't the best passer out of college) were very raw coming out of college so why can't Juice?


4. 49ers - Matthew Stafford-  He has a cannon for an arm.  He is the perfect fit for Mike Martz's offense.  If the Niners draft Stafford they will spread out the field and let Stafford throw deep early and often something they haven't let him do at Georgia.  Excpect a lot more production out of Stafford he has too much talent to be average another year.  Like I already said he and Mike Martz are made for each other, Stafford has the arm to compete in Martz's offense and Vernon Davis's speed will finally get put to use with Stafford throwing deep more often.  And the Niners have no QB at all Shaun hill will be a career back up and Alex Smith should not have been taken at #1.



5. New york Jets- Jaison Williams-  Williams is 6-5" and 240 LBS with great hands.  He was the main target for Dixon during his breakout year and that will not change for who is ever taking over at QB.  Like I said he is huge and will be excellent in the red zone.  he is aggresive he
goes and gets the ball and will catch it no matter where the QB puts it. 
He is  Perfect for the Jets small recieving corps.  He finnaly gives the some one they can find over the middle and could fight for extra yardage and provide a much needed redzone threat but could also be used as a decoy so Coles or Cotchery could find more holes in the D.  It wouldn't mater as much who is playing at QB as much because he was 1 of the main reason for Dennis Dixons Heisman caliber season before he tore his ACL, but before that Dixon was not a polished passer by any means.



6, Cincinnati Bengals- Greg Middleton-  Middleton is a beast.  Hehad 16 sacks last year and looks like he will improve that number.  He would be a welcome addition to a lack luster pass rush for the Bengals and would help the team from the day he is drafted.  Middleton will provide a much needed pass rusher on the end and with the Bengals not drafting 1 this draft they will suffer a top 10 pick because of their defense. And their feense wChad Johnson fiasco.  Also the Bengals might as well start a prision league team they have enough players in jail.


7. Chicago Bears- Chris Wells-  The Bears are lucky Wells fell this far due to lack of need.  He pounds the ball between the tackles which is Chicagos prefered style.  When he gets into the open field he can burn you (just ask LSU'S secondary).  He will be a top Heisman cantidate and will rush for at least 1500 yards.  The Bears have a ton of problems mainly with QB which they refused to adress in the draft (Lovie still thinks Grossman can still be the sarter they have dreamed about.  Kind of sad.)  And their O-line is aging and they have no run game either which is just going to hold them back.


8. St, Louis Rams- James Laurinitus-  The Rams need a LB.  And Laurinitus is the best in the draft.  He is big strong and athletic and has won numerous awards for LB.  He has played in big games and got around 15 tackles in the NC game this year.  Laurinitus is always going down hill and provides alot of pop to a"finesse D" that has year in and year out bad run D.  Laurinitus brings leadership and athleticism to a team that needs it.



9.  Tampa Bay Bucs - Michael Crabtree- The bucs need a big time reciever right now.  Crabtree is the best reciever in this years draft and aybe the best since Larry Fitzgerald.  He set numerous records this season and averaged nearly 10 catches a game!  He has great size and leaping ability and had 22 TDs.  The only reason I have Jaison Williams over Crabtree is because he plays in a big number system and doesn't play against top notch competition like Williams and Williams put up pretty impressive numbers in a run based offense in Oregon.



10. Miami Dolphins- Knowshon Moreno- The Dolphins are lucky to get Moreno here.  He has great size, speed, toughness, quickness, and vision.  He will be a great fit for Miami, how great depends on will Ronnie Brown fully recover and will the O-line be any good.  I see the Dolphins improving majorly with the addition of Jake Long to a decent group up front and they got Hene maybe the most pro ready prospect in the draft.  But with Ronnie Brown a question mark they will not improve that much.  This is a team that was thought to be play off contender only last year and still have most of their pieces implace.




11-21 coming soon (maybe)


Please tell me what you think of my draft so far.



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