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An offering of ten numbers filled with everything from one million dollars to one little sleeping pill to one lovely looking Gina Carano and back in the millions with TUF viewers (and this is a disappointing number)!


1 According to Kevin Iole at Yahoo, millions of dollars (1) Chuck Liddell received for two weekends of promoting the movie 300.


2 The time (2:00 AM) a sick at the time Liddell said he got in the night before one of those promotional interviews for the movie.


730 Time (7:30 AM) Liddell was to report to the studio for the eight o'clock interview on Good Morning Texas. The sickness, a sleeping pill, and a downing of NyQuil conspired against "The Iceman" forcing him to fall asleep right in the middle of the interview after he said he wanted to fight boxer Tommy Morrison next!


258 This above most likely lead to an estimated (258) F-bombs from Dana White as he promptly yanked Liddell off the promotional tour and made him head back home to bed. A flight Liddell says he doesn't remember!


25 Rating Iole stated in the same article (2.5) Elite XC needs to pull for its May 31 event on CBS or else the company may be in jeopardy of failing. This would be a sharp blow to MMA and makes my article on the pivotal next few weeks that much more poignant.


500 Going back to Iole's article for a third time, the purported bonus ($500,000) given to Georges St. Pierre, and a Hummer for his TKO of Matt Hughes at UFC 65.


51 Dave Meltzer in an article also at Yahoo reported UFC 83 featuring St. Pierre and Serra did ($5.1) million in U.S. dollars setting the Canadian record for the largest combat sports live gate in history, beating the record set by Sugar Ray Leonard vs. Roberto Duran in 1980. Wow, sounds like St. Pierre was worth every penny of that half a mil bonus!


12 According to Adam Swift at The Ultimate Fighter 7 week 5 drew (1.2) million viewers for a 0.9 rating. This is the lowest number in the series history!

Let me reiterate...Mayday, Mayday...


24 Strikeforce's April 19th episode on NBC, and yes it comes on at a God awful hour came in at (24) on the network sports programming top 30. Not bad, matter of fact this lends hope to Elite XC with their quest for a 2.5 rating as it demonstrates that people are tuning in to MMA outside of the UFC even if it is on when only the crazies are out.


513 Date (5/13) when Gina Carano will be featured on ESPN's E:60. This is a day after the second season of American Gladiators, featuring Carano will debut on NBC.

To see this post complete with pictures of an awake Chuck Liddell, a probably cussing Dana White, and a beautiful Gina Carano check out my Sports by the Numbers MMA blog.


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