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know when to fold em,
Know when to walk away and know when to run.
You never count your money when youre sittin at the table.
Therell be time enough for countin when the dealins done.

I have had some major league good times on FN. OMG, I have laughed so hard at the Friday Debates. If you haven't read them, do it. Its great ! Especially with the Refried Peas ! OMG ! Refried Peas ! ?? Oh wait.. wrong blog - meh. Whatever..same the Friday debates anyway. So much fun on a Friday. Laughed my ass off with J Hova (man, Trinidad is wheres its at. Who loves ya, 2nd cousin on my fathers side ?) , RStowe (noone calls me an idiot like RS ! ),  IAM (damn crazy duck who I can convince to do ANYTHING!) , LW (dude, women do NOT like men who adore wombats. A WOMbat is NOT a WOMan), Harry Callahan (Oh My, I'm so happy to see you! <shiver>). IB4 (God, you're a good lookin dog!), Josh (yeah yeah whatevah !  voice of non reason blah blah blah ! ), Dan ( I so wanna get drunk with you!). GOAT (you is one funny hombre!) and my very favorite, Steelercooz (we're cyber married ya know ! ).. I've had fun with CCC, Tracy, Dudeman, Ey', Dyhard, Anthony, and the Rumor Mill and Night Owls. I've spent ALOT of time at FN Vegas with CCC talking Celtics. My favorite groups though are the Women R Us group (headed by my gal Cassidy - who I love dearly),  The Knights (say NI!) the NASCAR group where I hate DC, IB4, BluesAriel and TRENT (j/k) and of course my most fave group - Pillow Talk. My best sista Ferrell (HA!), my "gang" PimpyLooka (BALFMA!), Becca, Hooah! , Hllywd !!! , G/R, My favorite drunk Eli! , Loki, H.A (or whoever he wants to be that day), Epoch, Jackmanrob, Devs, Lady D, BC, my fave bud- Urnze, BPM, jctoo, Bens, "Iowa", FMSD, Willj, so many to list, and so many of them rabid Cowboy fans!Dave, Hooah, Cowboystar. JCMD, - but the man with the strategically torn blue jeans that wears a pair of tan workboots, <sigh> I got my eye on him. He's Sin-fuly Delightful!!

I've had some major bad times. The good far outweighs the bad. I have dealt with the whole spectrum. I dealt with a member that hijacked my sweet little "I love Peyton" daughters picture, doctored it and posted it on porn sites. The same person threatened to sit outside her school and abduct her. You know who helped me? Besides of course the FBI? Time Warner and the FN Admin and the mods. They watched, they dealt, they took action. They are the balz. I came online within 30 seconds of the Pats losing the SB and changed my screen name to include "Congrats Giants". That wasn't good enough I guess.  I dealt with losers trying to hijack my name after the SuperBowl and post stupid crap. Thank You FN Mods and Admins for dealing with that. Y'all can talk all you want about them, but man, they got your back when it matters. They rock. But, I digress.

See, here's the thing. I love football. I love talking NFL. Man, I just love football. I'll talk all day every day about some stupid holding call. Yeah, ok. Im a serious Patriots Homer. We all know that! My love for the Patriots though is not the same as my love of the NFL. I just love football. God. I just love the game, the rules, the smack talk. It's all good. Its NFL baby ! Turn it UP !

I have said it repeatedly though. I'm a fan of the game first. The GAME is what turns me on. Not the two teams playing. OK. Noone believes I watch the Patriots play the Jets and say "Go Jets". No. That doesn't happen. I do watch the Bears play the Vikings though and I totally enjoy that game. I enjoy it because I LOVE football. Noone, but noone will ever accuse me of being a bandwagon fan. Not for the Patriots and not for the Sox. I admit that I hate Doc Rivers and was disgusted with the Celts the last 5 years. Bruins? Well hell. The NHL has done everything in their power to make sure that noone cares. Yes, I followed the B's in their series with the Canadiens. Not the same as when I was 14 and listening to it on radio, and knowing that Ken Hodge would pass the puck on a faceoff from the right side to Phil Esposito with 13 seconds left, and number 7 would score a goal on a screen shot. Times they are a changin'.

I love when I post a comment on a T & R  and some "guy" posts a comment at me and tells me to "spank my monkey"or "get a man because Im obviously in need of one". That cracks me up. I love when users like Gridiron or giantfbl make comments on a  thread, about how bad the "cowgirls" are. The green of their eyes is so pretty.

I'm a fan. First and foremost. I love the game of American Football. I'll talk all day and all night about football. Not the Patriots (although it is handy being a fan of the best team ever <go ahead, take your shot!>. I just love the NFL.

The time has come though when I grow weary of the stupidity. I have less patience for "members" who seek only to incite hatred. Too many times, I have seen threads on T & R turn into racial or political diatribes. This tells me that racism is alive and kicking in the Good Ole USA. It tells me that America is angry. Not about Pacman or Ocho Cinco, but about things nor "sportically" appropriate. For that, I'm sad. This site was a release, a way to just talk football or baseball or basketball (no, not MMA). This wasn't supposed to be a fight zone.

It's all of us. Black, White, Asian, Amish - whatever. It's a damn shame. Why fight? Why throw out these insenstive and demeaning comments?  It's not just the "white folk" but its the "black folk" as well. Each have their personal animosities and for some reason, need to vocalize it here.

Im no better than anyone else. I've had heated arguments. I've certainly done my share of "turd calling". It doesnt make it right. I draw the line now though. A young black man getting arrested for drunken boating isnt a reason to call it racism. I draw the line. I'm not crossing it, I'm better than that. So are you. We as a society wont change anything until we ourselves change our perception or perspective. Thats all I can say about it. It all stops with you. YOU change how YOU think and YOU pass that on. Eventually, yep, years from now, color won't matter. I hope.

So given that I have figured it out that Im an idiot for getting involved and given that I just don't have the willpower to drag myself away from the **** buffoons that keep that kind of crap going or spouting Cheatriots and Belicheat.. wait.. Im doing it again arent I ? My bad.

I'm gonna take a break for a while. Just gonna sit on the beach, read a book, (ok, MAYBE a SI mag), but Im not going to look ONE time at the Patriots depth chart, I promise.

For those that for some crazy reason look forward to my Tuesday Blog on SIFS, I'll keep doing that. PT? you are my best buds. Keep up the good work!

Maybe, I'll peek in on the Friday Night Debate. Oh please, of course I will !


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