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7 Vitor Ribeiro and Gilbert Melendez both collected win number (7) on May 4 and both came in Shooto at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo. Pretty cool, same date, same event, same number of wins (and both had no losses), except the fights were two years apart! First on May 4, 2003 Vitor Ribeiro gained a decision victory over Ryan Bow for his seventh win. Two years and a whopping 36 Shooto events later, Melendez also captured his seventh victory on May 4, 2005 when he TKO'd Naoya Uematsu at 4:30 of round two. So how coincidental is this? Well in Shooto's nearly twenty years and 238 events these two shows are the only two to fall on May 4th.


108 Time (1:08) Shannon Ritch needed to win two fights on May 5, 2003 at the Showdown at McGee Park (kind of sounds like an after school special). Sure a lot of fighters have won fights fast, but Shannon is something of a king of fast fights and typically he's on the losing end. According to through 100 fights Ritch is 39-61 with 35 of his wins and 56 of his losses coming in round one.


2 Number of times (2) Kendall Grove has been knocked out on May 7th. The first came during Rumble on the Rock 5 by the hands, or elbows, of Joe Riggs in 2004. It was Kendall's first loss in three tries. Exactly one year later Grove gave the date another shot by hooking up with Hector "Sick Dog" Ramirez at King of the Cage. This one lasted only 1:08 (Hey the same amount of time it took Ritch to win his two fights, freaky) and ended via a big punch that put Grove to sleep. Note to my man Kendall, do not fight on May 7th!


26 Number of times (26) Igor Vovchanchyn had stepped in the ring/cage and come out without a loss (he did have one draw, the big wussie) after submitting Vepcho Bardanashvili on May 8, 1999. Overall Igor was 28-1-1 after the win and went on to claim five more victories before finally losing again.


240 Number of seconds (240) in Chris Mills professional MMA career. On May 10, 2003 at Reality Fighting Championships in Oklahoma City, he fought 64 seconds of it before being submitted by a slightly more road tested Carlo Prater. For the Brazilian Prater it was his eighth win in a row and pushed his mark to 8-1. Just to satisfy your curiosity, Mills' only other fight came in Tulsa, Oklahoma at Rock and Rumble 2 (Elvis Sinosic wasn't even on the card...blasphemy) and lasted 176 seconds. It was also a loss via submission.


8 We've talked a couple winning streaks, now for a losing streak. Ronald Jhun suffered his (8th) loss in a row on May 11, 2007. Since, he's lost another one to bring the streak to nine and his record to 22-22-2, but it hasn't always been bad for Jhun. After winning a bout on December 1, 2001 by TKO at only 2:17 of round one against...wait for it...wait for it...wait for it...Shannon Ritch, Jhun was 14-6.

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