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Alright so in school i have this project on a certain topic and i picked that College Athletes should remain unpaid. Can you guys check it out and call out any problems and send me a message so i can improve it also state if it was good. Thanks 




Status Quo:

The NCAA currently bans payments to athletes and endorsement deals with advertisers, plus a dazzling list of extra benefits. For example dental coverage, clothing other then uniform, number of game tickets, etc...



It would trigger many expenses and obligations for universities. For example it would raise the cost of sponsorship for college athletes so high that many universities would prefer to close there programs rather than pay those additional costs. And by this I mean many sponsorships are not allowed to offer any college athletes any kind of sponsorship for example the NCAA MARCH MADNESS VIDEO GAME. For those players who are on the cover of the game must be out of college so that they don't disobey the current status quo. And another possible pitfall is that how would you pay these athletes fairly throughout the universities sport program. Would you pay the athletes in higher generating revenue sports such as football and basketball more then a bowling and swim team?? And if so you would also be discriminating women sports because as you may know Men's sports attracts more money for a universities then a women sport. And lets say you pay each sport evenly, wouldn't the athletes in higher revenue sports fell offended if they knew they were making as much as a fellow athlete who is in a low revenue generating sport when the athlete who is in the big time sport could be making 3x as much as his fellow classmate. According to Thomas Kruckemeyer, author of for Whom the Ball Tools(1997), a basketball or football player who in which is in a university who is know for there sport program who make up to $85,000 per/year!!! If this is true where does the university distribute this type of money evenly throughout the entire team, even so as the entire sport program. Also from Thomas Kruckemeyer he says " moreover, athletes who receive scholarships are generally exempt from the more rigorous academic requirements that other scholarship recipients must meet(although the NCAA has set its own academic standards that athletes must meet to be eligible to play on a college team)".

Also if a college is willing to pay a athlete more then a separate college it would spark enough drama to bring the NCAA rules to rock bottom. Many colleges who in which have a lower budget as compare to those of a richer college would at the utmost fell pressure to compete with those colleges because they are recruiting the better athletes because of there salary. For example Memphis University and Harvard University. Memphis is profoundly known for its Men's Basketball from the last several years. And Harvard is known for being one of the wealthiest Universities in America. Memphis is no where as close to Harvard when it comes down to money. In this case Memphis would probably lose a high prospect due to the money Harvard is offering this prospect. And this is just a example on what could erupt if you let this go through. Also many college athletes already receive the cost of tuition, books, room and board, and often a nominal expense allowance. Now possibly the most important factor in this dispute is if you pay these college students thus shouldn't this be known as a occupation?? There is one legal problem that comes to mind when you pay these students that the NCAA should worry about, it's the Workers Compensation Coverage. If this were to go through(which most likely would if you allow the paying of college athletes) many universities will have high costs for serious injury's involving mostly contact sports. Also know that you are paying the students, know making them your employee's , college sports would be known for more of a business then a extra curricular program. And therefore athletic programs might lose their exemptions from having to pay taxes on their revenues.


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