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Welcome to the fourth installment of Love it ? or Hate it ? usual we take a subject and tell you whether we love it or hate it.

The panel consists of Harry Callahan, i B4 e, It's All Mine! and Curly Lambeau.

So come along and join us for some laughs..we hope you enjoy.

Oh and a shout out to our pal KPKahder..who decieded to get some rest away from Fannation..but like most women when they get liquored up..her better judgement will be thrown out the window and she will come back to this place.


The first subject is Golfing.


Harry: Love it.

I love to get out on the links..and as Jethro on "The Beverly Hillbillies" says..Whomp some golf eggs.

I am a pretty decent player but somehow i am better with my irons than my woods..i bought a 1 iron some years back to add to my clubs and i have been teeing off with's my favorite club.


Curly: Love it.

Golf: Love it like the brother i never had (and I've got two brothers).

I can live without golfing for months at a time if I have to, but if I see a shot on TV of a guy driving a ball... y'know, one of those wide-shots where you can see a guy with the set up, back-swing, coming through, and then the pure follow-though after the ball jumps away and floats off into the horizon... whenever I see that, my body may continue to lie on the couch, but my soul jumps up so fast that my mouth drops open and a little breath escapes, like "...hhh-huh-ah-ah!"

And the Lord God said, "let there be golf." And, behold, there was golf. And the Lord looked at what He had made and said, "it is good."


It's All Mine!: Love it.

But here's the twist...My stick-golfing experience is limited to putt-putt golf, and every time, I was either trying to hook up with a girl, or I was buzzed, or both. My disc-golfing experience, however, reaches back more than 20 years.

The rules of disc golf are nearly identical to those of stick golf, but the player is throwing specialized discs for driving, chip/approach, and putting. The distances are far shorter than stick golf because...well, you're throwing Frisbee-like discs. The targets are baskets with hanging chains that must "catch" your disc.

It's also known as "Poor Man's Golf".

So, when I say that I love golf, I mean that I play almost every day of the week for much of the summer. My disc golf appetite is enormous, and girlfriends over the years have either joined me, or given up.

I'd say that by the words above: "The first subject is Golfing", I can unequivocally answer, "I love it".


i B4 e: Love it.

I love golf. My putting ROCKS !!!...and I can always hit the hole. My short game isn't really there, but my wood goes long and hard.


Harry: Okay..four loves right out of the gate....I was waiting for someone to say "Hate it" so the other three of us could beat him up.


The next subject is playing poker.



Harry: Love it.

I think i first learned to play poker at about 10 years old.Me and my brothers would break out the nickles and dimes and deal them up.

I like 5-Card draw..7-Card stud..No peek..Texas name it.

A weekend night with some beers and cards go together like my world famous honey and ketchup dip that i always whip up for the game.


i B4 e: Love it.

Poker (no innuendos)

I totally love poker. We played it all the time when I was in the Navy.

What else are you going to do while on deployment for 6 to 9 months at a time?

I have such a poker face I fool myself sometimes. The best part is, my kids like playing it too. There's hope for them afterall.


It's All Mine!: Love it and Hate it. (Can i do that ?)



Harry: Why not.. we have no rules here.. other than to try to shirk them on a regular basis.


It's All Mine!:

Love it: I have played poker. I will play poker again.

It seems like a good way to assimilate into the nether world of...gambling. We play $1.00 buy-in "paycheck poker" every payday.

Just use the check number as your hand. I've won it several times over the last 44 years. I love it.

Hate it: Take it off the TV.


Curly: Hate it.

Poker? Well, who doesn't love poker?

So, just to spice things up, I'll say Hate It. My game of choice now is computer solitaire.

I play "Vegas Style" just to make it interesting. Oh, yeah, baby! That's just the way I roll!


The next subject is Jimmy Kimmel.

Harry: Love him.

This guy has continually cracked me up since i first saw him on the Fox pregame show.

He would hurl insults at Terry and Howie and Jimmy and get my football sunday rolling.

Then he went on to "The man show" with Adam Corrolla who i thought was just holding him back from greatness..he was the better of the two by far.

I still watch his late night show sometimes and always laugh.

I am also kind of attracted to his honey Sarah Silverman..i think she's kinda hot.


i B4 e: Love him.

But not on that weird kind of way that some people love him.

I should say I loved him when he was doing the pre-game thing.

I'm either doing homework or sleeping when he is now, so I guess I can love him by osmosis.


Curly: Love him.

Loved his comment when he was a booth guest on Monday Night Football last year.

It was a snoozer of a game between the Falcons and somebody else, and Kimmel said, "Well, Joey Harrington sure isn't a very good quarterback. ...but he is very nice to his pets, so..."

And then he just let it hang there as if to say, "suck that, Kornheiser." heheh, I know funny, and that's funny.


It's All Mine!: Love him.

I tell you--Jimmy Kimmel has gotten rich by being as stupid and random as I was ten years ago.

He is me, and I am to speak. I like to think that he is what I would be, if I got on camera...lucky, with a microphone, AND rich. I love it!


And for the last and final subject..we turn to Hunting.

Harry: Hate it.

Somehow the thought of looking at a deer through my gun scope..and knowing when i pull the trigger..that animal is going to die..somehow never peaked my intrest.

I think i would feel remorse at what i had just done..the thoughts of a baby.. now motherless nearbye would really freak me out.

I think i will just get my meat packaged from the butcher.. it's easier.


i B4 e: Love it.

I love hunting. I have no problems shooting game animals. But let me make it clear that I hunt for food not for sport or trophies.

I despise poaching. I would never take an animal out of season, nor would I take one by illegal means.

 I don't use feeders nor do I use stands. It's just me working my way through the woods tracking down my prey.

I will say that my favorite season is duck season.


Curly: Hate it..but with a provision at the end Love it.

Hunting? Never been hunting in my life, so this means nothing, but I'll say love it. ...naw, I'll say hate it. Yeah. Hate it.

It's one of those things like fishing and watching baseball that other people do and seem to enjoy a great deal, and...y'know, I'm very happy for them that they're happy and all that, but... I just don't get it.

It's like, "Let's go out in the winter and freeze our frickin' asses off and get drunk and shoot guns at stuff! Yay!"

Ya' know, I meant that to be sarcastic, but the way I said that there... it actually sounds like a lot of fun. Hmm !Hmm! Maybe I'll start hunting.

Harry's right, though, about the whole defenseless animal thing, so I'll hunt something that'll be a fair fight: the feared jackerizzerinalope! "I've hunted most things that can hunt you, but this one...when she looks at you, you know she's working things out."

Okay, so, with the proviso that we should only hunt the mighty jackerizzerinalope, I'll say love it.


Harry: Well our pal It's All Mine! passed out last night before he could post his last that's a wrap.


Well thats it for this installment. As always we hope you liked it..and if not who cares what you think.



------------This has been a Pier-11 production-----------------





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