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Although I consider myself an adroit and hardcore anthropologist, I'm also (unfortunately) a young adult armed with a restless mind. Due to my unquenchable thirst for more knowledge beyond the constricting lines of behavioral studies, the much awaited pieces of my work (Education and FanNation) haven't been published in quite a while. On the other hand, I was given a rare opportunity to screw up a couple of experiences that I didn't think I'd ever get around doing during my leave of absence. I had a great time, but just as a lost creature eventually finds its way back home, I've decided to take up from where I've abruptly left off to present y'all the second (and most controversial) volume of Education and FanNation. I hope this one won't set another massive confrontation...

I have a crush on Obama

2) Crushes- Lovefest, etc.

Whether you're a dude/dudette pushin' past Oso-Old (*points finger at Squirrel*) side of things, a hormonal teenager, or some kid below the age of 13 that shouldn't even be on this site, it's only normal to have had a crush at least once in your life. It doesn't matter if Barry Obama, Chris Long, the mousy girl next door, or the hot discus thrower on your track team is the recipient of your most ardent thoughts; all those times you coveted another human being (normally of the opposite sex) is indeed deemed as a crush.

At my high school, I've observed that the telltale indication of a crush come at different degrees in accordance to the depth of the crush-ee's feelings. A minor crush may be expressed through many discreetly shy glances during classes or while trekking through the hallways. These crush-ees usually get caught daydreaming amidst doodles of hearts containing their names joined with their crush's. A regular crush-ee, though, is bold enough to actually TALK to the object of their affections and may even flirt shameless with them. But those misfortunate enough to being hit hard on the ass by Cupid's arrow are the most entertaining and desperate crush-ees of them all. Their crushes consume their minds; they're all they think about for weeks to come. All their decisions are based on their crush's likes and dislikes.

Recently, my friend Emily and I had lunch at the new sushi bar in our neighborhood, Umi. She's a huge fan of the boring old Cali rolls, which is why I was thoroughly surprised when she didn't order ‘em. When I asked her about it, she looked at me as if I'd grown a couple of horns. Emily explained in all her peculiar frankness that Jay, her current love-of-life, is allergic to crab and she couldn't possibly enjoy something he didn't, especially since they were going to be husband and wife one day. Hell, she might as well familiarize herself to a world without crab for all she cared. I swear to Hillary Clinton's graying underpants that I ain't kidding... this stuff's real. Which is why major crushes are all the more fun (or mortifying). I found that it depends on your perspective on the relationship itself. If you're the crush of a major crush-ee, this should serve as a warning.

Of course, as is human nature, it doesn't matter if it's in real life or online; one lucky guy/gal is bound to find someone to develop a crush on. Having said that, I meant FanNation is definitely not an exception. Many interesting relationships have developed within our sporting community that may cause innocent bystanders to mistake this site as some twisted new online dating service. I can't say I blame ‘em, though... crushes on this site aren't exactly conventional.

Speaking of unusual relationships, the one that hits you right in the face upon arriving on FanNation is famously (or infamously) known as the Lovefest between Nomarfan and Cardsox. These two are devoted best friends that are essentially inseparable. In addition to being permanently attached to the hip, Nomar and Sox are also Crazy-Glued to each other's hearts. Nomar acts like a mother bear when Sox is threatened and vise-versa. Their relationship is so sickeningly ideal that I've actually heard some talk that reeked with green-eyed jealousy about how well Nomar and Sox are matched. They confide on each other about anything regarding sports, music, and basically everything under the sun. They've also sacrificed themselves into the lower positions of an Atroo game in order to stay together because they can't bear to be apart. All in all, their relationship is quite charming and dandy (cute, even) until the devastating moment in which you find out that they're actually teenage boys. As if to make up for their anomaly in society, both are attractive and armed with remarkable chivalry that would have made Galahad jealous. All a girl has to do is to summon either to their aid and both will back the damsel in distress without a single qualm.

Unbeknownst to everyone (including themselves), D-fan and Tracy developed an intense crush on each other at the first sight of the luxurious tufts of blonde hair growing atop both their heads. Trace repeatedly feigns nonchalance towards the matter, claming "I know nothing...;-)." However, even though she denies having an intense passion for D-fan, she does admit that she's "D-fan's number one fan." On the other hand, D-fan isn't as shy about the crush he has on Tracy. He seems to emit a joyful aura whenever she's around. He also reciprocates Trace's feelings by being her "number one fan." They're always smiling shamelessly at one another, even resorting to mating calls like "Marco!" and "Polo!" I must admit, though, I've never seen a couple as enamored with each other besides the Lovefest. As a result, they attract major envy from those who have a crush on either D-fan (clamoring and hysterical girls and boys who think it's a turn-on to have an impressive TD record) and Tracy (she's too sexy for her age).

I have to apologize for putting this volume off for so long. It's here now, though, so that's all that counts. I hope y'all stay tuned for next volume about note passing.


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