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My Fanhood History

My past history as a sports fan,prepared to be surprised

Belive it or not I use to be a big football bandwagon fan.First off I was a Giants fan,yes the team I love to hate I was there biggest fan.My favorite family member played for them for a few years so I went to a ton of there games,once he got cut I hated there team which I am prround to do so today.Then I was a 49er fan when I was younger because of Jerry Rice,Steve Young and because they won.I mean every day when I turned on the tv I would see the 49ers and my uncles a big fan of them so he would always talk about um.Once Rice left I decided to move across the bay and became an Okland Raider fan for a year,they lost the super bowl and I was like screw ya F*cken Raiders and didnt watch football for about a year. When I was in third grade I found my team,the New York Jets.I was lured by Curtis Martins long runs,there playoff aperences and how we handel ourselves.Us Jet fans love to hate,weather its who our team drafts, screaming all the profanity at games,and our impressive history.Not to mention there a hometown team,back then if I didnt see my team play I picked another team as ull see later it was hard to keep track of stuff and easy to be a fan of another team when your going to all there games.Now back to the Jets,who doesnt love Broadway Joe, the New York Sack exchange,Don Maryards catches,the list goes on and on,thats why Im dam pround to be a Jets fan and will be for the rest of my life.J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now for baseball.Belive it or not I use to be a Yankee fan.Yes the team I love to hate pn,I was a fan for them intill I discovered Orioles baseball in 4th grade.I was a Yankee fan for a couple of reasons,first off they won and second they were always on the dam tv.Every single day I turned on the Tv and there was the Yankee highlights,instead of just watching them to see if they lose like I do now,I cared weathered they won or lose and even had a Bernie Williams and Scott Brosius jersey.Brosius was a hell of a guy and an underrated player,if he had never retired I dont know if I would be an Orioles fan today but hey,Im happier this way.As an O's fan I get to experince the best stadium in all of baseball watching games at camden yards.Once I started using the internet on a daily basis,I watched Orioles highlights anyway so it really doesnt matter.Also I get to annoy the hell out of Yankee fans and there crappy team and rub it in there faces when the Orioles do better then them.As an added bonus I read a gigantic book about them during the summer of fifth grade,I learned about Ripken, Palmer,Brooks Robinson,Frank Robinson,Earl Weaver,the browns,the list goes on and on.As it happened I am proud to be an Orioles fan and you should become one to.

Now on to basketball.At first I hated basketball,I couldnt watch a game and wouldnt go to any games but when I was in third grade I dicorved Uconn basketball and better yet Emeka Okafor.Okafor was a great collage player,a ball hawk and rebound machine,I started admiring him after going to Uconn and watching a basketball game during there championship run.After the game I was an Emeka Okafor fan and decided that whoever picked him,I would become there fan.As luck would have it,the Bobcats would make him there first ever pick.At first I was like who the ghell are the Bobcats but then I looked them up and saw that they were the newest NBA francise.I was so happy,I still remember the exact spot I was when I learned and being a Bobcats fan I can always say I was there since the begining,seeing the good and the bad,but always being a fan something almost no other kid can say:)

For collage sports I started out as a Uconn fan for a few years but soon enough figured ouyt there football sucked so I decided to become a Louisville Cardinal fan.I did this all because of Brian Brohm.I remember seeing the first game of there seaon on tv against kentucky a few years ago,Brohm threw for a ton of touchdowns and after they beat Kentucks rear end,I was one of there fans.My best yet worst memorie was when I went to the Louisville-Rutgers game last year.I remember being one of the few Cardinal fans from Jersey there and seeing the great game.At that point both Rugers and Louisville were peerfect so I couldnt wait for Louisville to knock Rutgers off and brag to all my friends about there win against the "perfect" Rutgers team.Anyway I still can see the kick now,fen Izzo kicked the game winning field goal for Rutgers and I went into tears,Louisvilles National Title hopes had wanished before my eyes and I hate Rutgers for the win even today:(

Thats my story now whats yours?


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