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 Disclaimer: I just found this pic. The "venom and tears" thing is silly since that's a picture of a python, which  do NOT spew venom.  They are large, though harmless, snakes. (anyone interested in acquiring a python should contact me)


Do you Throw Down? If not, this probably isn't a blog for you.

If so, you'll know where I'm coming from.

Ever had the better argument, but lost?

Oh, I don't mean you THOUGHT you had the better argument. We always THINK we have the better argument, else we wouldn't do it.

I mean have you ever OBVIOUSLY had the better argument and still lost?

Those are the one's that hurt. 

Well...not the only ones. Yesterday I had 297 wins. Today I have 296. How does that happen? I lost a win because? Someone got kicked off? Well, Ruby Noon was recently removed. If I lose THOSE wins...

I digress...

Do individual wins and losses in this little exercise matter? No, they don't. I start/take a lot of TD's I fully expect to lose. I do it for the hell of it, but also to test myself. 

It's not about who I'm up against, it's about ME. Yep, I said it. I TD to win, and get a certain satisfaction when I do. When I was under a .500 winning % after more than 100 TD's I got fed up with it and decided I wasn't going to lose anymore.

For me it took 100+ TDs to care, for others (most) it takes 1.

I recall one comment I received around that 100 mark. It went something like this:

"You'll never get to .500 if you keep taking the unpopular side of an issue"

Ha! That has NOTHING to do with who wins or loses a TD. Or so I thought.

Unfortunately, arguments don't, either.

All that said, here I sit shooting for 300 wins before I retire from TD's entirely. Why 300? Well because I'm close. Why do I care? Because we all care about milestones, no matter how silly. 

Might shoot for 310, though, just so when these wins keep coming off there is a little leeway... 

Anyone who knows me, knows I love a good argument. At the same time, TDing just to do it is boring me. I guess after  four hundred and sixty something times (plus all the ones that have been removed) combined with not caring about wins or losses for the most part just has me ready to give it up. 

Sooo...If you've got beef with me, or just want to TD against a HOFer, now would be the time. I think I'm close to the end of TDing and am moving on to debate forums that aren't quite so easily manipulated.  




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