For days now I have tried to come up with the right/correct/accurate pinpointing angle for a blog post about my San Diego Padres. You know, the WORST team in baseball right now, 12-24 after last night's 4-2 loss to Colorado with Peavy on the mound; ranked 30th in runs scored and batting average; and 29th in stolen bases. (Although they are leaders in one category in the NL West - losing streak at 5). Can it get worse? Sure it can and might. Jim Edmonds has finally been released and we now know even a great general manager like Kevin Towers can make mistakes. But brining up hopeful "star-in-the-making" Chase Headley and signing Sean Henn isn't going to solve anything for a team more concerned right now with winning a A GAME, and not a series. I'll never turn my back on my team, and it is still only early-May. But there's also the reality this is not a team designed for a comeback.

Anyway, with about 100 hundred different potential blog posts to write here about the Padres, below are some of the random thoughts I have had as a Padre fan that were near blog posts in reent days, while being stuck living in New Jersey listening to Mets fans who think they have it bad and Yankees fans who are in denial of a classless organization...

1. Hey, at least there won't be any stress, tension, heartache in early September this year. Instead of watching San Diego lose a play-in game for the wildcard they'll be 25 games out playing in front of 500 people at Petco Park.

2. Here's a positive: I'm headed to San Diego the first weekend in August to FINALLY see my Padres play a home game at Petco for the first time, versus San Francisco. Worried about tickets? A sell-out? By August, maybe they'll pay me to sit down the first-base line.

3.  I'm wondering if Jake Peavy hoped he used an erasable pen to sign that contract a few months back.

4. I would've loved to have been a fly on the wall that day when the words came out in the front office, "yeah, Jim Edmonds, good idea" - or in St. Louis, where they laughed their asses off.

5. The Colorado Rockies are responsible for making Padre fans feel like crap since that freaking nightmare last Sepetmber, and then doing it again with the 22-inning nightmare last month. 

6. Wait, I've felt like crap since Tony Gwynn Jr's hit.

7.  When was the last time again, it was Trevor Hoffman's "fault" for a loss for this season?

8. I miss Milton Bradley more and more every day.

9. How to divert my attention from San Diego disasters in New Jersey? "Hey crying, whiny, ridiculous Mets fans, you wanna trade places? Hey egocentric Yankee fans, Joba needs to grow up"

10. My personal best positive regarding favorite player/shortstop Khalil Greene's offensive woes? Who would want him right now anyway in a potential Padres fire sale?

GO PADRES!!! Can't wait to be in San Diego in August. Maybe I can pinch-hit in the 8th?




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