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Brian slowed to a walk,he thought he had lost them but he had continued to run just in case Pyro had backup.He sat down on the pavement in the street and relaxed.He'd been running for probably 20 minutes,man cross country was still paying off.It was burning outside,probably 95 degrees in made July,Brian was suddenly dizzy.He started to nodd his head,and he fell asleep.


Brian awoke to the alarming sound of gunfire.He saw a store being held up.There was nothing he could do.He didn't want to leave a trail anywhere that Pyro could see,he sat there feeling terrible inside,feeling like a coward because he could not help whoever was inside.He could not resist,he peeked inside,and there were the two guys who he had last seen chasing him.Brian could see the convenience store clerk in shock.One of the cronies pointed the gun at the floor and shot.


"Answer me you dumb motherf*ck3r!,I know you've seen this guy!"The clerk cowared in terror.

"Sa-sa-sir,I have not seen this man,"he whimpered.The other cronie held the clerk as the bigger one busted him up a bit.Brian couldn't stand it.He ran inside and lashed out at the big one with his leg,taking out the enourmas man's leg.The man screamed as his ACL was most likely was torn,the other cronie turned and was met with a punch of tremendous magnitude.The sickening crack could probably be heard across the street.People began to look inside the shop.Brian had to leave,he couldn't risk being stopped.Brian left as many people stood there and watched the short man run who had just anialated these two men who were quite larger than him.


Brian ran as fast as he could,running,running,running.




Brian had been in the room for one month,or at least he thought he had.His mind was becoming disturbed and he was losing it a little.He still had no clue what the hell was going on.Everyday he heard the voice of one of his family members crying to him for help.He couldn't stand it.He was about ready to crack.

Then one day a man walked in the room."Hello let me introduce myself,you may not know me,but I know you"."I go by many names,the fire,The boss,Mr. Unrelentless,but most of all,Pyro."He was a short man,about Brian's size,and caucasion.

And as the man said this,Brian noticed a gleam in his eye that reminded him of what he envisioned hell would be like.Pryo!This was the man he had worked to find.Brian started to throw a punch,the man dodged it,and wagged his finger.

"Uh-uh-uh,I don't think so,think about what would happen to your family if you tried to do something.Pyro held a cell phone,and a screaming sound was emmitting from the speaker.It was Karen!Brian begin to curse and threaten Pyro,but he uttered one single word*now*,on the other end of the line Karen was slapped and began to cry and beg for Brian.


Brian sat down realizing he was in no position to do anything.Pyro walked to the door.Brian shouted"what do you want from me!?!?"

Pyro looked over his shoulder and winked,and closed the door behind him.


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