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Though I've never been particularly... envious... of the Russians, I had to make an exception for this.

This is probably the first time I've ever been completely and utterly absorbed in the Champions League action, and I yearned to get a piece of it firsthand.

However, with some experts expecting the pricetag on the trip to Moscow adding up to $3,000 and change (and that's with the flight departing from England), seeing the Champions League final with my own two eyes seemed more of a daydream than a possibility.

With that in mind, I had to put silly ambitions behind me and get down to business. Since I'm currently a lowly high school sophomore with no job and no future plans or obligations, my business is bringing insight and speculation on the Champions League Final from my brain, over the interweb and onto your computer screen. Let's do this.

Russian Hat

It's a real shame my Russian hat, or Ushanka (which to me looks like an 80's hairstyle), and copy of "The Hunt for Red October" will have to go to waste.


The British Invasion

I'm about as familiar with the English culture as I am with Soviet Russian culture, which is to say I know nothing about either. However, if they're like me, even if they're not Chelsea or Manchester United fans, they must be very prideful and excited that their country has produced the two best teams in Europe to face off to crown the king of soccer (which basically means the best two teams in the world), just like I am when two American teams face of to crown the king of football/baseball/basketball every single year.

Seriously, though, the fact that two teams from the same country are meeting in the Champions League Final is an immense accomplishment that has only been seen twice before this in 2000 when Real Madrid beat Valencia and 2003 when AC Milan beat Juventus.

Though many predicted Man U would reach Moscow, it comes as a surprise to many that Chelsea made it so far. With the exit of respected manager Jose Mourinho in September, many of Chelsea's Starting XI became unhappy. most notably Didier Drogba, and wanted a move. These problems in the early months of the season provided for much skepticism from the media and fans about how well Chelsea could play with the divided locker room.

Chelsea has obviously silenced the doubters, though, as they gained on Manchester United in the last few weeks of the Premier League season and now lay level with the Red Devils on points and facing off with their English rivals in the Champions League Final. It indeed took a lot of determination and effort from the Blues to get this far, overcoming a momentous obstacle in Liverpool in the semifinal and battling well against Olympiacos and Fenerbahce as well.

Meanwhile, Manchester United have easily silenced all their foes throughout the tournament without showing any signs of slowing down. But being the favorites to win both the Champions League and the Premier league comes with extreme pressure. Can Sir Alex and company handle it?

Sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester United look to silence the remaining doubters by finishing a historic season with both the EPL and Champions Leauge trophies.


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