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Nyfan:Madden 09 Features

After viewing the trailers for Madden 09 I see that the game will be a lot better then last years version.For one the staium and playing field look a lot better.When you call a play you see a detalied stadium and a more tv like field.While your running you also see more of the screen since its a fartherback view which makes for a better game.Once the play has ended the players dance and brag like they do in real life.Also the scorboard has gotten smaller so you see more of the screen and in snowy weather you can now see footprints and flashbulbs from the croud during important moments.

Madden NFL 09 Screenshot

There's also a cool blue hue that is added on to snow-filled games to accentuate the feeling of actually being in the cold. It may sound a little funny but it actually looks really cool in-game.

Madden NFL 09 Screenshot

The Virtual Trainer has also been added to the game were you'll find several challenges to complete for passing, rushing, pass defense and rush defense.Also it betters your madden play and tells you which button to press in the situation meaning you'll beat your friend by an extra touchdown or two.

Madden NFL 09 Screenshot

Also EA Sports has added a football analysis in Cris Collinsworth I you get sacked but had a reciver open downfield or if you throw the ball to an unopen guy with your best wide reciver open he will tell you about it.He will use the Telestrator to show you the path you should've taken and, from the few plays that we were shown, should also make accurate observations as to what was going on in the play and what you could've done for a better outcome.

Madden NFL 09 Screenshot

Madden Moments is another cool part of the game.It alowes you to change your teams history by playing great games that ended in a loss.Youll see the Packers NFC Championship loss which makes Madden even more addicting.

Madden NFL 09 Screenshot

Last but not least NFL Head Coach makes its way into Madden. Head Coach was a solid game,but in Madden its much better.The only bad part is that it only comes in the Collector's Edition so most of us wont be able to use the feature.


In all Madden has once again porduced a solid game.In 09 theres a lot of new features which will be a lot of fun to use.I can wait till August 12th:)

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Cincy:We the people want to remind you about Jr.

There's an issue I'd like to press.When the talks of the best baseball players of all time,I at least want to hear this name in the conversation:Ken Griffey Jr.No I don't think he's the best baseball player of all time,but I'd like to hear his name mentioned among the best more often.

Now remember  when Jr. was the next big thing in the '90s?He had endorsements,fame,the sweetest swing in baseball,and was being talked about as possibly the best player of all time?It's not like he isn't good now,but he has not been quite the same since being traded to the Reds in the offseason of 2000.

He had injury issues in Seattle and they only increased since he came to Cincinnati.Excluding this season,Jr has averaged 120 games a season since 2000.

Let's look at some of those Seattle numbers,from 1989-1999:

389 Home runs

1152 RBIs

167 Stolen bases

averaged .297

He still had a shot at the home run record,but the injuries over the years eliminated any chance he had at that.He can still pass Sammy Sosa and Willie mays with a couple good years(if he has the will to keep playing)

Let's look at some stats over his career:

2417 games

8953 at bats

478 doubles

37 triples

2589 hits

.289 batting average

.551 slugging pct

184 stolen bases

1175 walks

1559 runs

10 consecutive Gold Gloves

Now think,if he hadn't missed all those games,where would he rank on several lists among the best players in history?How many home runs would he have had?We may never know,but let's give him more credit.

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