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Fulham, West London- Sunday 11 May 2008......The EPL season ended this afternoon as The Manchester United Red Devils hoisted the Premier League Trophy, leaving it a mute point that Manchester was already the pre determined Champion because they had a higher goal total than Chelsea. Man U easily came away with a 2-Nil victory at Old Trafford Stadium while Chelsea let a 1-Nil lead slip away to Bolton at Stamford Bridge ending in a 1-1 draw. The League Table comes to rest with Man U having captured 87 points to Chelsea's 85. To Chelsea's credit, they did pull a rabbit out of their hat to have been in the running until the final week considering the horrific start of the season they had. The sun shown brightly at The Bridge today as the smell of a very successful season was lofting in the air throughout the match.

In retrospect, one has to wonder how Chelsea even held itself together this season. After Manager Jose Mourinho's departure in early September. Chelsea lost it's cohesion and lacked the glue that binds a team together, but they still managed to keep winning. Going another season undefeated at home and not losing a single League game in all of 2008. It's the best that we could of hoped for yet, still not being quite enough to finish the job. As Chelsea prepares for the Champions League Final at Moscow in 10 days, we're left with unanswered questions and an uncertain 2008-09 season ahead. Didier Drogba is more than likely to depart after the upcoming meeting against Man U and to be honest, with the lack of attitude and work ethic he brings to the pitch, the Drogba-Chelsea marriage is definitely over and it's probably for the best that they part ways. I'm not totally convinced that the real Frank Lampard showed up this season. He missed precious match time and never really seemed to be himself on his best days. On a personal note, Frank's mother died less than a month ago at the age of 58. The cause.... pneumonia. A devestation felt by all fans of Chelsea. Pat Lampard was a regular in the Stamford Bridge crowd. In Frank's first game back after her funeral he scored a goal on a penalty kick and broke into tears immediately afterward. Unfortunately, Lampard is also more than likely to be finished at Chelsea. He's officially been offered a "take it or leave it" contract that hasn't met his salery demands. What will happen? Noone knows.

One of the most outstanding displayes of the season was Goalkeeper Peter Cech's run of 1,024 minutes between December and March without allowing a single goal, setting a new English top flight record. The down side to this story is that Petr was severally injured during practice late in the season. He returned quickly though, and continued to protect the Chelsea net quite brilliantly. I wan't to thank Petr for all he's done for Chelsea. Where would we be without him? you guessed it.....noone knows. John Terry injured his arm today and needed to be subbed. The Chelsea Captain may miss the Champions League Match with Man U. Right now it's a "wait and see" situation, so lets keep our fingers crossed there. Taking the pitch in Moscow without our Captain seems like a recipe for disaster

Wayne Bridge wasn't true to form this season. Wayne has some spectacular moments this season and deserves alot of credit but he surely could have done better. I think what impresses me the most about Chelsea this season was the play of multifunctional Micheal Essien. For the second season in a row Micheal remaind the top playmaker on the squad. He played full out for 90 minutes a game all season long never tiring. His presense on the pitch was always exceptional. Chelsea was able to rely on him all season long.

As the season comes to a close I'd like to wish Chelsea the best of luck in The Champion's League final. Where there is a Cup, there is glory and we still have a chance to sip from that cup. I hope we get our taste of glory ten days from now. Congratualtations to The Chelsea Blues on an unforgettable 2007-08 season. Manager Avrom Grant deserves a high five and a good pat on the back.



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