OK-- so Athletics and the Alumni Association have finally announced how they will distribute tickets to those of us frothing at the mouth to go to an OSU Football Game. For those unfamiliar with the old system, let me 'splain: As an alum, you were entitled to purchase two tickets to a home game except for the TSUN game-- see below. The games were divided up based upon (maiden) last name, and you were supposed to rotate every year between conference and non-conference games. Great. Except that they "sometimes" (read: regularly) oversold games and they would switch you to a different game or you wouldn't get a game at all, and they would refund your money.

It was frustrating in the past, but it came to a SERIOUS head last year when many of us promised the Wisconsin game got switched to Youngstown State. My job requires some weekends-- I try to build my schedule around my allotted game so I can go to C-bus, hang out with one of my best friends (who was also my roommate back then), and enjoy the weekend without worry. So when they switched us to a weekend that conflicted with my work schedule (not to mention my FOURTH non-conference game in a row), I was ticked (but not as pissed as said friend: she built her family's vacation to Florida around the game.) I called the Ticket Office and must have been one of about 100,000 people trying to get through to complain because I was on hold forever. I tried not to take it out on the poor CSR who was unfortunate enough to get my call. I don't think I was very successful, but I did try. The Supervisor to whom I was transferred also got an earful, but she assured me that this year was the last for this system and new measures were being taken for a more equitable approach. Great! Looking forward to it! I'll wait until Spring...

Their solution? A Lottery for all home games. Not very creative, but equitable. So if your name is drawn, you get tickets and if it isn't, you don't. Fine. I suppose I can live with that. EXCEPT...

... the main lottery includes the game with TSUN. NOT COOL! Under the old system, those who purchased (or attempted to purchase) tickets for more than three years in a row were placed in a separate lottery for TSUN tickets. So I've been buying tickets for xxxx years and now seniority counts for nothing here?! Are you @#$@%^! kidding me?!

To be sure, the old system was severly flawed, and I'm willing to give the new system a chance to be better. But one of the positives was that I at least had a SHOT at getting tickets to that game. I haven't been to a game against TSUN since I graduated and now some snot-nosed recent grad has the same chance that I do to be able to go. And unless I win the REAL lottery, I'll have a better chance of being killed by a meteorite than I will of ever being able to go to that game... ::SIGH::


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