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DC Sports Nut: Nats, AGAIN??

     Here's something novel...some thoughts on various topics that, separately, wouldn't take up a full blog entry. So, I'll just string 'em together and see what comes of it. You can decide for yourselves whether it's worth your time or not. So here goes...

     1) It appears James Dolan, the owner of Cablevision (and the Knicks, and the Rangers, and Madison Square Garden, and the MSG Network) now owns Newsday. All I can say is, if he runs Newsday the way he runs the Knicks...Newsday goes belly-up in 3 years (2 if Isiah Thomas is the managing editor; maybe that's the "mystery position" he's holding now).

     2) While we're on the subject, nice to see Mike D'Antoni step up and say what needed to be said about the Knicks. So just how fast will "Stephonie" Marbury get sent packing?? (Hey, why not put a sun dress on this guy?? Understand, I'm writing this from an outsider's view. I'll leave it to our resident Knick-ologist, J. Hova to best describe Marbury's effect on the chemistry of the Knicks.)

     Look, this is a storied franchise. Personally, I've got no animosity towards the Knicks; I'd like to see them succeed as much as the next guy. It's just when you have mis-management and bungling from the owner on down, something's gotta give. So here's hoping D'Antoni gets the job done.

     3) So we have the Penguins with a 2-0 lead in their match with the Flyers. Serves you right, Philly. Now all of America (and parts of Canada) can see just why you're overrated. You had to go to overtime--in Game 7--to send my Capitals packing, and then lulled yourselves into a false sense of security by dispatching Montreal. Ah, but now you're facing a real hockey team, aren't you??

     (This ought to get me in good with the Penguin fans. After all, they were in our corner during our series with the Flyers, so fair is fair.)

     4) It's nice of Gil Arenas to have Antawn Jamison's back during 'Tawn's contract negotiations. But, Gil, using your blog to essentially put a gun to Ernie Grunfeld's head by saying "Take care of Antawn, or I leave" DOESN'T do either you or Antawn (nor the Wizards, or the fans) a world of good. All it does is re-inforce the perception the rest of the NBA world has of you...that you're egotistical. Don't feed into that crap, Gil.

     (Now, what you've just read is the difference between me and all of you. Any of you wrote something like this, I'd accuse you of hating on Gil--whereas if I write it, it's called "constructive criticism". It's like me and the "Stephonie" Marbury crack earlier in this piece. If you want to make the accusation, fine. I personally wouldn't call it "hating" on the guy, but read into it what you want.)

     Well, that's it basically. I can't think of anything else to riff on...


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