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Goose rips Joba's mound act
Joba Chamberlain appreciated Goose Gossage calling him yesterday to inform him of what Gossage had said the day before in Cooperstown. "He called me and he said what he said," Chamberlain said before last night's game against the Rays at Tropicana Field. "It's going to continue to go on but I am not going to change." During his Hall of Fame orientation Monday, Gossage was critical of Chamberlain's yelling and pump **** on the mound after he gets a big out. "There is no place for it in the game," Gossage said. Gossage followed Indians outfielder David Dellucci in criticizing Chamberlain. It's not only not bothering Chamberlain, it's not forcing change. "It is what it is," said Chamberlain, who worked a scoreless inning in last night's 2-1, 11-inning loss to the Rays. "I am not going to change."

This is whats wrong with Baseball in todays sporting world. It has become a boring dying sport where no one cares because the excitement factor is gone. Joba gets fired up after a huge out.. good for him!! At least he is into the game and charged up about it. The Nationals chatting in the dugout and being called out as a bunch of Softball players. Screw that!! Go to any high school baseball game and listen to their dugouts chattering, are they a bunch of girl softball players? No they are into the game. Im sick of how many times you look into a dugout at a major league game and half of the players are gone back to the lubhouse or are just talking to their buddies next to them and not caring about whats going on in the game. Baseball is the only sort when its called unsportsmanlike or in bad taste to get fired up after a god play. Basketball has guys all over the court chest bumping and getting fired up after a big blocked shot or nice dunk. Football pretty much has a celebration dance after every play and is that called unsportsmanlike or in bad taste? No... and why because it gets the fans into the game also. Maybe baseball needs to look at this stuff and get behind it instead of some old sissy dinosaurs who arent even relevant in todays sporting environment come out and say it doesnt belong in their sport. Getting the players fired up helps get the fans fired up and that will bring more fans into the stadium to be part of that electric experience. You want more fans in the seats and create more revenue??? Get behind the guys that are pumping their fists and chattering in the dugouts and watch the excitement and popularity grow. PS I will gladly accept the commisioners position if you want this sport to survive.  


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