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Just why is Kyle Busch of the #18 Nascar Sprint Cup M & M's team hated so much?  He's won three times out of 11 races in 2008.  Isn't that what fans want?  A winner?  You can't deny he can drive a race car to the edge.  He did that at Darlington this past weekend by scraping the wall several times.  Some Nascar "old timers" like Darrell Waltrip even commented on the fact that he drove it old school.  David Pearson and Cale Yarborough even made comments that you had to drive the back end of the car against the railing every lap in the old days if you wanted any speed out of your car.  That's what Kyle did at Darlington - hung it out and won. 

Some people want to compare Kyle Busch to Dale Earnhardt.  To make that comment is like treading water with a cement block tied around your waist in the deep end of the pool.  Kyle Busch is no Dale Earnhardt.  The big difference between the two drivers is that while Earnhardt wouldn't mind pushing a car or two out of his way to gain a spot or a win, he wouldn't start a riot at a race track like Busch is doing.  Sure Earnhardt would get his share of boos during pre race introductions.  Dale never wiped away a pretend tear on his introduction lap around the race prior to a race like Kyle did when he was booed.  That's sending a message to every fan of every other driver that "you're a bunch of whining SOB's and I could care less what you think."  Dale would always smile and wave.  Dale didn't say things out of both sides of his mouth.  While both Busch and Earnhardt have said things their own way, Dale never made comments about racing with stupid drivers and then go out and tried to make a pass on the track causing a wreck.  Exhibit #1 would be from the Nationwide race Saturday at Darlington.  Going into turn 1 where you can't really be two wide, Kyle tried to make it three wide by going under Brad Keslowski and spinning himself out, thereby ending his night.  Kyle said in Columbia, SC's newspaper, "The State," that he "wanted to be a straight up positive driver."  That comment was made prior to Friday's race.  He then goes out and causes that wreck and said he's tired of racing stupid drivers.  Anybody that has seen a race at Darlington knows you can't go three wide into turn 1 at Darlington. 

Kyle has a ton of talent to drive a race car.  Is Kyle mad at Hendrick for releasing him to make room for Dale Earnhardt Jr.?  Probably so.  Does Kyle feel he has something to prove to Rick Hendrick and the rest of the racing world that he can be a champion?  More than likely.  Does Kyle think he needs to make a name for himself in Nascar?  Possibly yes. 

Darrell Waltrip said today on Sirius Nascar Radio that people (the fans) really don't like him and at this point Kyle thinks it's fun to be hated.  What Kyle doesn't realize that fans really hate him.  It's ok to be a villian in Nascar as Fannation posted on "Truth & Rumors."  It's another thing to do or say things that is totally disrespectful to the fans and the sport in general, and that is what Kyle is doing. 


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