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What's up Fannation, it's been awhile but here I go again an I am focusing on the first four picks of the Cowboys.  I really would like to know what you think about the picks (especially the fans of the team), because I probably would've have done a couple thinks different because there are two picks that I really didn't agree with.

Let's start with the 22 overall pick and RB Felix Jones ... I know that Jerry Jones is an alumi of Arkansas, but if Mendenhall is still on the board; why not take him?!  He didn't really flourish til his Sr. season and he does not have alot of wear and tear on his body.  Yes, he was a feature back at Illinois, but I think that he would understand that he is going to be the back up to Marion Barber III, and really do you think that he is going to be a distraction in Pittsburgh!  He is 5-11, 224lbs and he ran the 4.45 in the 40.  Jone is 6-0, 200lbs and he ran the 40 in 4.47secs. 

Mendenhalls career stats are 388 car, 2589yds, 6.3ypc, and 22TDS.  He is a physical back an if he gets into the open field he will make you pay, just ask the Trojans, even though they didn't win that game he still looked like a man amongst boys!  Felix Jones has better career stat 386 car, 2956yds, 7.5ypc and 20TDS, but he was a backup throughout college.  He is smaller and slower than Mendenhall, an I don't think that he is as proven.  We will see in the up and coming season who will have the bigger impact on there respected team and hopefully we don't regret passing on the better back in my eyes.

 Now Mike Jenkins was a great pick and I feel that he is going to be an impact player immediately.  He might not have come from a prestigous program, but with that 4.4 speed he can make up alot of ground.  Henry is slow and I have been hearing rumors of him making a move to FS if Roy Williams can't pick up his game.  Jenkins is going to have competition though because, I am confident that Pacman Jones will be reinstated before the beginning of the regular season. 

 Now the most fustrating pick to me was 61, Martellus Bennett.  He had an okay career at Texas A&M 105rec., 1246yds, 11.4ypc, and 10TDS, but we should have use that pick to get a young WR.  Mario Manningham might not have had the best combine but his JR year was stellar and his career numbers are good 137rec., 2310yds, 17ypc, and 27TDS.  We still have Jason Witten and hey could've picked up a blocking TE during free agency.  Martellus is 6-7, 256lbs and he is not much of a blocker.  They didn't address the need for WR during the draft at all and now I am reading that they are trying to make a play for Joe Horn who is old as dirt.  He didn't show any kind of dedication in Atlanta, so what will he do in Dallas playing in the shadows of Terrell Owens?!

 I loved the 4th rd 122pk in Tashard Choice, because he is going to give you everything he has on every down when he is on the field.  Although not the fastest person (4.53 in the 40) He has the size 5-11, 215lbs to be a great role player on any team.  Tell me what you think; an if you disagree that is okay, I only ask what you would have done differently.  Please send you comments!


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