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Why does it seem that so many teams have so many QB's and most of them cannot produce anything?  Kansas City had Green with two back-ups fighting it out that seemed to have a great future.  Now KC is totally clueless who will start; it seems QB's coming out of college are not prepared and clearly struggle in the NFL. Garcia wants a contract to finish his career in TB but clearly they have many options at that position.

Is it....:

1. They are thrown in too early because of the urgent need of leadership in the NFL

2. They play such weak schedules that they are over rated coming out of college (Ryan Leaf will always be a flash back)

3. They are not coached for the future and are only developed for college programs.  They lack the development to play at the next level.

4. Poor QB coaching in the college level

5. Poor coaching in the NFL

6. Several NFL teams are built more on a QB that has speed than a consistent and strong arm.

Dallas does have Jason who seems to have a true gift in coaching QB's.  He was never the star QB but knows what it takes to become one. The old days of the big pass and the big play; seem to be gone... Yes there are still QB's that can throw but most teams look for leadership and a QB that can at least not turn the ball over.

Rex was built for a system team that had speed and rarely required the big play.  When he was expected to air it out; it brought a mess in Chicago.

I agree a running QB is great but I would rather have a pocket QB who can make strong throws and be consistent.  I think if we brought it back at the younger level in HS and college; we would see a return of the big arm QB's and less of the running (usually) hurt ones.  Randall was amazing but never could as a starter win the ring because when it came to the big throws; his legs could not win the big games.

I think there should be a balance but it seems there are so many QB's and most are set up for failure.  Matt may still make it with the Cards but the days of having speed and not having to count on his arm most downs are over.  What may look like a superstar in college may be another Ryan Leaf in the NFL.

Ryan may make it in Atlanta but his arm is suspect and Atlanta needs a gunsligger; not a last minute miracle man.

Even in his late 30's; you always knew Brett was not out of games; if he had a few minutes with the ball and was within 6; you almost expected something to happen.  Teams used to keep the ball away from Elway and Montana at the end of the game and clearly knew it was not over no matter how much time was left; if they had the ball at the end of the game.  Most teams do not have that option.  Vince has amazing speed and can throw but his inconsistency will be an issue in his career because he was developed to run first and throw as a last resort.

Your Thoughts? 



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