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This is from Just Ask Cincy: Interview #11 with SS (Super Squirrel) 

C:Hi I'm Cincy and welcome to another Interview segment,how are you Super Squirrel?(or SS for short)

SS:Totally pissed for no reason whatsoever....

C:(Takes an awkward look at SS and then starts questioning)what's going on with you my fuzzy friend?

SS:Nothing whatsoever...that's the problem....

C:Well then be glad you have me to entertain you!

Ok SS,how did you come to FN?

SS:One of my friends from school found this site, I have no idea how, and started a TD claiming that NCAA Football was better than the NFL...Of course, he thought he was right, and he was losing, so he went on Myspace to recruit people to vote for him, and the site just stuck with me...

C:Well it's a good thing he did cheat otherwise we wouldn't have you.

What is your favorite part of Fannation?

SS:Probably the chat groups that I'm in...specifically Atroo and the Night Owls....

C:Did you have a mentor?

SS:Not really a mentor, but some people helped me out along the way, specifically efbasketball and DetroitFan...who helped me improve my TDing and helped me meet some people on this site....

C:Like me!What no love?Like some of Atroo and the owls?

SS:ef was probably the closest thing to a mentor to me...and we all saw how THAT worked out....

(Fade out for a commercial break)

You've never seen anything like this. There is a world to FanNation that you have not yet seen.

Real Sports: 'Wizard' Duncan presents...

The Troubles of Fannation...

An exert from volume 1 of 6

We fade to black and then into Dawgee's work office.  He works as a Throwdown Security Guard.  He is currently watching a TD done between Detroitfan and Porkins.  The score is tied with 43 minutes of voting left. 

Detroitfan- "You have no chance Porkins, I will take back my throne as top of the leaderboard!"

Porkins- "We shall see!"

Suddenly a shot rings out!  Porkins falls to the ground shot in the chest!  Dawgee rushes over to see if he is OK.  Detroitfan has vanished as well.  Dawgee suddenly stops running as a mysterious voice rings out:

Unkown Voice- "Hahaha! Porkins is dead and Detroitfan is kidnapped! If you ever want to see Detroitfan again then you must pay my ranson fee of 100 forfeited TD's!"

Dawgee- "Who are you? This is a Throwdown Officer! I order you to show yourself!

Unkown Voice- "Hahahahaha!"

Fade to black

Now open in Poll Dancers, The Troubles of FanNation, Volume.1, Volume.2, Volume.3, Volume.4, Volume.5, Volume.6

(Resume from commercial break)

C:So what are your NBA playoff predictions?

SS:I honestly hate the NBA...I mean, all it is is overpaid basketball players taking their three steps and being selfish with the ball...College basketball is where it's at...

That being said, the Celtics are winning it all....

C:Who are your top 5 ,NFL and NBA,prospects?

3.Sedrick Ellis
4.Chris Long
5.Jake Long

1.Derrick Rose
2.Michael Beasley
3.I don't know...

C:Little short on nuts tonight?JK

SS:Nah..I just haven't switched my mind to the NBA draft just yet...

C:World series winner:


C:Why the Angels?

SS:They haven't fallen off the map like the Tigers have, they have a great rotation, ESPECIALLY Ervin...and they have an outstanding lineup...They are just an all-around good team...

C:And don't foget that Lackey and Escobar are yet to return from injury.

SS:Yeah, that'll just bolster the already decent rotation....

C:Correct me if I'm wrong,don't you like College and High school hockey?

SS:I'm from Minnesota...I was born and raised to love hockey. It is one of the most exciting sports in the world because there are so many scoring chances...

By the way...GO WILD!!!!!!!



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Sman: To read the rest of this interview or to read The Troubles of FanNation, click on the links provided, or below. Thanks for tuning in!

Just Ask Cincy group


Troubles of FanNation can be found at Poll Dancers


Thanks for Cincy and Real Sports for their permission to reprint their work.

Fanmail me or put in the comments if there is a blog or something you want the ESPN 3 team to report. Until next show!



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