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dudeman is back. maybe.

FN is a diverse community with much drama going I will be writing a soap opera for FN. If you want a cameo, just Fanmail me and you WILL get one guaranteed or else you will get your money back. This will be coming every Friday.

The Lighter Side Network has been charging high prices to companies who wish to advertise with commercials on "As FanNation Turns". Therefore, there will no longer be commercials on "As FanNation Turns" unless The Lighter Side Network stops being cheap.

It's been more than a month since the last episode of "As FN Turns". School has been hard on me, but FINALLY this is the ending to Volume 6. I have copied pasted the start to Volume 6. Volume 7 will be posted on 5/23/08.

Viewer Discretion is Advised

Start to Volume 6: We fade into the neighborhood street with the three criminals. Officers Anthony, RUGator and Dwade are stunned and don't know what to do. Officer Anthony immediately takes charge.

Officer Anthony (shaken up): Alright alright, you two handle Ben and J Hova, and I'll make sure Dawgee is okay, and I will call for help.

Officer Dwade (while walking to police car): Let's get ready to take them by surprise.

Officer RUGator (pulls out pistol): You take the right side I take the left.

Both officers split up, while Officer Anthony waits until it's safe for him to check on Dawgee. Dwade and RUGator are on separate sides of the car.


Ben: Well, you're kinda blocking the way...

Officer RUGator: Don't try to be funny with me! *steps aside* Now, GET OUT!

All three criminals step out of the car, and Dwade comes to RUGator's side of the car. Anthony goes to check on Dawgee.

Officer Dwade: Get down on your knees NOW!

J Hova: C'mon, why can't we stay standing?

Officer RUGator (aims pistol at J Hova's head): Do you want my little friend to tell you?

J Hova: Naah, it's ok.

The camera switches to Anthony and Dawgee.

Officer Anthony: Dawgee, are you okay?

Dawgee doesn't respond. Fearing the worst, Anthony calls the FNPD.

Officer Anthony: Hello, hello?!?!

FNPD Operator Foosball: Yes, how can I help you sir?

Officer Anthony: This is Officer Anthony, we've got a huge problem here! CODE RED! CODE RED!

FNPD Operator Foosball: We'll dispatch an ambulance immediately. Stay calm, check his pulse.

Officer Anthony: It's faint...I'm scared!

FNPD Operator Foosball: Stay calm. The ambulance will be there any minute.

We switch to Dwade and RUGator who are trying to handle the three criminals.


The criminals comply. Officer RUGator helps Ben and J Hova into the other police car, while Officer Dwade begins to question Tracy about the scale and the dope.

Officer Dwade: OK lady, we found 175 milligrams of dope. Explain yourself.

Tracy (shocked): WHAT?!?! 175!!! I thought there was only 25...

Officer Dwade: If there was only 25 I would drop the charges because you have been cooperative unlike your boyfriend and the druggy here.

Tracy (on verge of tears): But there was only 25!

Officer Dwade: You can plead your case in court. Get in the car.

As Officers RUGator and Dwade take the three criminals downtown, an ambulance approaches. Two hospital workers step out of the car with a cart to take Dawgee to the FN Hospital.

Hospital worker NYFan (grimly): This looks bad.

Hospital worker Real Sports: Yes, We have to rush him.

Hospital worker NYFan: You strap him up, I'll stop the bleeding.

Hospital worker Real Sports: He's kinda chunky...wanna help me Officer?

Officer Anthony helps Real Sports, and NYFan stops the bleeding. They go into the Ambulance and rush to the FN Hospital.

Now, here is the long-awaited ending to Volume 6!:

When we last left the FN Soap Opera, Cheezhead had just assigned everyone suspects to find and interrogate. The camera is positioned on 'Ey and Esco who are trying to find Bombers.

'Ey: Alright, last I heard he had left this city and moved to TD Legends.

Esco: Let's go get him.

'Ey: It says here that he moved into a mansion on 300 Wins St.

Esco: With a name like Bombers, I think we need to bring the big boys.

'Ey: We need big people? OK, than I think that we need to call Ben...

Esco: No you retard, I'm talking about the GUNS!

'Ey: Well I haven't been to the gym in...well...ever. So, you bring your muscles and I think I'll grab a pistol.

Esco *facepalm*: You know what? Forget the brawn, I'll just bring a pistol to...

'Ey: Alright, good. I think if we are armed we are in better condition. Now, if we take the NBA T&R Station to the MLB T&R Station, than walk a couple blocks, we'll be at his house.

As the two begin to travel the NBA T&R Station, we fade out. Than, we fade into NCshvDavid's hospital room.

Dyhard: OK David, we are going to try something new today.

NCshvDavid: Will it involve me not TDing?!?!

Hiya: Maybe...

NCshvDavid *curls up into fetal position, sucks thumb*: NO!!!

Hiya: Fine, you can still TD, but you HAVE to cut down.

NCshvDavid *uncurls, still sucking thumb*: How about 7 a day, pweez!!!

Dyhard: How about 4 a day, and on weekends 7?

NCshvDavid *stops sucking thumb*: YAY!

Dyhard: Now, this is your new routine: 4 TDs a day, except on weekends, and 2 BLOGS a day.

NCshvDavid: Blog? What's a blog?

Hiya *rolls eyes*: It's that section of FanNation you never go to...

NCshvDavid: Once, I heard that there was a big, bad guy named Josh who rules that part of FanNation!

Hiya: I can confirm that...

Dyhard: If only I could blog like him...Anyway, you will be required to blog twice a day so you can get your mind off TDs and stimulate the part of your brain that controls creative writing.

Hiya: The blogs can be about anything sports. They have to be decently long, and provide a decent amount of insight.

NCshvDavid: I think I got my first blog topic!

Dyhard *excitedly*: Yes, what do you got?!?!

NCshvDavid: Why I should've won my TD about Kobe being the MVP!

Hiya: This should be our motto with David.

Dyhard: Eventually we've got to stop...

We fade out of the hospital room and into the Soccer T&R where Dan and Gu3 and being held hostage. Suddenly, Dan frees himself from the ropes!

Dan: Be quiet, kid. This may be our only chance to bust out of here.

Dan unties Gu3 and finds the key to the door. Than, he opens it and runs out onto the city street with Gu3, they are free!

It's done. Finally! Liked it? Hated it? Review it here.


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