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Well, it's finally happened. The Texas Rangers are the worst team in baseball (applause). Now that that's said, what do they do about it? They got a really good start on fixing things in the MLB Draft yesterday. Both Blake Beavan and Michael Main should arrive within 3-4 years along with Kasey Kiker to form the backbone of what hopefully will be an effective rotation, something the team is not even close to now. Also, center fielder Julio Borbon, a steal at Number 35, could be in Arlington in 2 years. Overall, not bad.

But deeper changes are needed. While it's nice to know that you've got 3 pitchers on the way and two stud outdielders (if you count John Mayberry, Jr.) it doesn't help now. The rotation's ERA is higher than my shoe size, the defense has more holes than a pack of Swiss cheese, the manager's losing the clubhouse and Owner Hicks and the Boy Wonder don't seem to get it. While I can applaud GM Jon Daniels' aggressiveness in making trades to upgrade the team, so far he has struck out on that count. The Soriano trade (which never should have happened) brought us a brokedown left fielder, while the Chris Young trade (which never should have happened) brought up a brokedown starting pitcher who cried out for a fair market value contract after missing half the season and serving up more slams than a Hollywood madam when he did pitch. There's the Carlos Lee trade, which wouldn't have been so bad if the team had signed Barry Zito with the money Lee would have cost. But again, they didn't.

So, that being said, here is my 5 Point Plan for fixing the Texas Rangers. After all, that's how many points are in the Lone Star.

1. Trade Mark Teixeira. He want to go to a winner, let him. The Orioles may offer Nick Markakis and/or Adam Loewen. The Braves might be a better fit, as he starred at Ga. Tech and the Braves could offer Chuck James, Jarrod Saltalamachia and another top-level prospect. The Dodgers are also intriguiing, as they could offer some combination of Matt Kemp, Andy LaRoche, James Loney, Chad Billingsley and Clayton Kershaw.

2. Trade Sammy Sosa, Eric Gagne, Brad Wilkerson, Akinori Otsuka and Kenny Lofton. That's right, fire sale baby. Restock the farm system. those five guys should bring at least 8-10 decent prospects.

3. Wait for Hank Blalock to rehabilitate, then trade him.

4. Fire the development squad. Move the young guys up from Triple-A (Botts/Gold at first, Cruz back in the OF, etc.) Commit to a youth movement.

5. But before you do any of that, Tom John Boy and sell the team. Go meddle over in Liverpool with your soccer team. Only a new owner with a new GM and a real plan for turning things around will allow us to avoid having the first overall pick in next year's draft as the worst team in baseball.


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