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Cincys blog:Chapter 1 Section 6 Walter Johnson

When you talk about the great pitcher,or players for that matter,to ever play the game of baseball you must think of this man.Walter Johnson.The man was one of the greatest ballplayers who ever played and deserves his due.He did all this for a Washington Senators team that was never quite good until he got there.


Walter Did many things in his career like:


416 Wins, Only Cy young had more

279 losses(.599 winning percentage)

2.17 ERA

801 Games

666 Games started

531 Complete games (ouch)

5923 Innings

3508 strikeouts,only surpassed by Nolan Ryan,Steve Carlton,and Gaylord Perry,all after he was retired and dead.

In 1913 had 36 wins,a 1.14 ERA and won AL MVP(He also won MVP in 1924)

Had 12 consecutive 20 win seasons

Also was 9th all time in HR's by a pitcher(24)

Was afraid of hitting players though he hit more players than any other pitcher in baseball history(him and Craig Biggio would have had quite some matchups)

He played for the Senators his entire MLB career from 1907 to 1927 for the initially woeful Senators,and helped make them world champs(though only once.When the sporting news named the top 100 players of all time Johnson was #4.He was aslo among the 5 players who were in the first Hall Of fame class,which were (firgive me if I'm wrong)George Sisler,Rogers Hornsby,Babe Ruth,and Ty Cobb.


He was one of baseball's elite,give him his due.

Dyhards blog-Dodgers-7 Brewers-2

The Brewers lost again, and the hitting can't come together, neither can the pitching.

Well...onto the game.

Top of the 7th...Andrew Jones homered to left field. Andre Ethier grounded out to first. Jeff Kent homered to left field. James loney triple to deep left. Russell Martin singled to left field, scoring Loney. Luis Maza singled to deep left center, advancing Martin to third. Gary Bennett homered to left, scoring Martin and Maza. Chad Billingsley struck out swinging. Juan Pierre grounded out to the pitcher. Dodgers-6 Brewers-0

Bottom of the 8th...Jason Kendall tripled to deep right field. Rickie Weeks walked. JJ Hardy grounded into a double play, Weeks out at second, and Kendall was able to score. Ryan Braun, who is on fire, homered to center. Prince Fielder singled to center. Craig Counsell singled to center. Brewers-2 Dodgers-6

Top of the 9th...Luis Maza walked. Gary Bennett doubled to left, scoring Maza. Matt Kemp walked. Juan Pierre struck out swinging. Andrew Jones walked, loading the bases. Andre Ethier grounded into a double play, ending the inning. Dodgers-7 Brewers-2

W-Chad Billingsley (3-5)
L-Ben Sheets (4-1)

Player of the game:Gary Bennett (2-4, 4 RBI, 1 run, 0 LOB)
Brewers player of the game:Ryan Braun (1-4, 1 HR, 1 RBI, 1 run)

Next game:Friday, 5/16/08, @ Boston Red Sox

Brewers:Jeff Suppan (2-2, 4.63 ERA)
Red Sox: Diasuke Matsuzaka (6-0, 2.45 ERA)

NL Central Standings:
Chicago Cubs (25-16)
Houston Astros (24-18)
St. Louis Cardinals (24-19)
Milwaukee Brewers (20-21)
Pittsburgh Pirates (20-21)
Cincinnati Reds (18-23)

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