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Now that I've got your attention with an obscure French Revolution refernce I want to talk about the Milwaukee Brewers.  I want to talk in depth about how I would fix this team.  And just talk in general about how this team can improve. 

First thing is starting pitching.  Now, I know no one was planning on Yovani Gallardo getting hurt twice.  But, when it first happened this spring Doug Melvin should have started looking at trades or minor leaguers he could bring up who could do a decent job.  Dave Bush is not a 3rd starter and Jeff Suppan should not be your 2nd starter.  Here's how, in my opinion, the Brewers rotation would stack up if everyone were healthy: Ben Sheets, Yovani Gallardo, Jeff Suppan, Carlos Villanueva and Manny Parra.  I think both Parra and Villanueva at the bottom of the rotation have a lot of potential and they're both going to turn into very good starters.  If I were the Brewers GM I would either have Dave Bush down in Triple A or in the bullpen.  Every time I've watched a game that Bush has started the thing I've continually noticed he doesn't make good adjustments the second time through.  The difference between Dave Bush and Manny Parra and Carlos Villanueva is that Parra and Villanueva are both young guys who are still learning and will eventually get better.  I think Dave Bush has reached his ceiling for as good as he'll be.  

The bullpen this year was supposed to have improved..but I'm not seeing it.  Eric Gagne still hasn't found himself. There's a reason why so many of the guys we have in our pen are ex closers it's because they just couldn't handle the 9th inning pressure.  The Brewers bullpen is ok getting to the 9th but as soon as we get to 9th it's like everything just falls apart.  This years team has had many close games where they could have and should have won the game..but they just couldn't find ways to get those last three outs.  

Normally for this team the defense has been pretty good.  But, in the Boston series the Brewers commited something like 6 errors in those three games..which is awful.  Normally the Brewers have played pretty tight defense but, and understandably so, their offensive struggles are now really starting to carry over to the defensive end.  

Never this year has this team had everything working all together.  Normally it's always been the defense and then either the pitching or hitting was in pretty good order.  But, in the Boston series all they had was good other part of their games was in real working order.  Now, I don't blame the Brewers for dropping the games in Boston, the Red Sox are a great team...but there were chances to win those games it's just that poor defense really hurt us.  But I am glad it was the Red Sox, becuase I like the Red Sox.

Offensively they have shown signs of getting things turned around...Ryan Braun has been a real bright spot..and Prince Fielder has really started to hit the ball well.  But, I think the one guy who has to really key the offensive turn around is Rickie Weeks..he needs to get on base on a much more consistent level.  And then I think the Brewers offense can take off.  I really think the Brewers need to take a long look at firing Ned Yost.  He hasn't helped this team take that next step yet.  And I think the Brewers need to start looking in a different direction for their manager.

What are your thoughts about the Brewers 


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