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Sorry this had a delayed start, I had to finish some school work. I've never done this before, so this could be an adventure. It should be noted that I loathe the Spurs, so this will be biased.

Anyways, we pick up with three minutes left in the 1st quarter, with the Spurs leading 18-16.  

8:02-No, Tim, you did not commit a charge by running over Pargo. Who would dare think that?  West knocks down the shot and he's playing well.  Hornets can't get a defensive rebound, and that turns into an easy two for Thomas.

8:05-Fantastic defense by Pargo on Parker at the end of the quarter.  Then Ginobili commits a really bad foul. Why get in his way for that shot? Also a heads up play by Paul. With Pargo and Paul both on the floor, they have incredibly quick defense. It'll be hard for Parker to drive the lane, and the extra speed creates a matchup problem.

8:08-Of course the Spurs get a break by the refs saying time ran out.  Good lord, the Yellowbook commercial was nasty. Tramp stamps=funny? Every commericial for House of Payne, which I have not nor ever will watch the big guy is dancing or there is a fat joke. Who's watching this show?

8:13-Horry enters and gets huge boos. I think his foul in game 6 was not really dirty, but it with his repuation you have to think it was intentional. Bonzi misses a wide open layup! How is that possible? 

8:16-Paul gets a nice offensive putback for his second field goal. Pargo blows through the defense but can't finish it, and now both teams exchange steals, leading us to a timeout. The Spurs need to slow down, though the Hornets are making them play fast. Spurs 27-22.  

8:19-Horry hits a three to go up 8. Hornets need to score, they've been cold on offense. A lot of sloppy play. Bonzi gets fouled and misses the free throw. 

8:23-Pargo is really doing well at keeping Parker out of the lane. Spurs run an excellent pick and roll though, so we'll see how the help defense is. Pargo misses again.  Bowen drops the 3 to put the Spurs up 10. The Hornets were playing good defense but he knocked it down. Chandler responds with a dunk. Parker drives the lane, draws the foul, and drops in an acrobatic floater. 36-25 Spurs

8:26- Paul drives the lane and draws the foul from Horry, which the crowd loves. He made a shot earlier to make the score 36-27, as we go to commercial.

8:30-Spurs are 5/10 from 3 pointers, while the Hornets are 0/2. Paul completely bricks both free throws, but Peja comes back and hits a 3. On a side note, I love the Peja signs that they run after he hits a 3. I think its hilarious. The Spurs airball a shot and Mo Peterson hits a 3. All of a sudden, teh Hornets got some momentum. 8-0 run for them. 

8:32-Paul hits a runner and draws the foul, but clanks another free throw. Spurs commit a turnover, and Peja hits ANOTHER three to give the Hornets a 37-36 lead. In a short time, the Hornets are on a 12 point run.  Peja did a nice job of seperating himself from Ginobili. 

8:35-The Spurs use perfect all movement around the key to get it to Ginobli, who hits the three to take back the lead. Then Parker makes the layup with the foul, and just like that its back to 41-37.

8:40-Duncan makes a nice leaner in the lane. He has 10. Chandler gets fouled on the alley-oop attempt, and makes one. Whorenets are 4/9 for free throws. Ginobili responds with another 3, Peja misses a runner, and Ginobili hits another 3. So we're back to 49-38 Spurs to evaporate the Hornets run. Just under a minute left in the half. And a WNBA player just said in a commercial, "If you want to watch real basketball, don't watch me." Done and Done. 

8:44-Ginobili is really hot right now, as he hits a runner. Paul runs it back down the floor and gets a layup to go as he is falling forward. It appears he got it off in time before the half ran out. As we go to halftime, the Spurs lead 51-42.

Halftime thoughts-As Barkley pointed out, the game is very slow right now. The Hornets need to push the tempo and wear down the Spurs. Paul hasn't done much on offense, and it looks like he is going to have to really step it up.  The Hornets need to tighten up their perimeter defense, as the Spurs have been lights out downtown. They havn't been going in the paint much at all.

9:07-Duncan is unstoppable down low, and scores the first 4 points of the half for the Spurs. Chandler takes a shot to the face from Duncan and is shaken up.  Straight up slapped him. West draws the foul and makes the free throws. Spurs 55-46

9:10-Duncan gets matchup up with Peja, but isn't able to take advantage of it. Hornets did a good job with trapping down. Duncan grabs a Hornets miss to get his 10th rebound. Parker is starting to get physical with Paul Reggie Miller noted that the crowd is not in the game at all. The crowd has been huge for the Hornets, and they have to get a run going. 24 second violation for the Whorenets. Luckily, for them, Duncan commits a charge to send it back their way.  

9:13 Paul makes a perfect move on the break to cut the lead to 57-48. Duncan is starting to heat up though, and the Hornets are still ice cold on offense. This quarter is moving quick, with 7 and a half minutes left. 

9:19 West takes the ball down low, gets double teams, and still forces a bad shot. It seemed like Paul was wide open at the 3 point line. Luckily, Bowen missed two wide open threes in a row. Then Duncan commits his 4th foul on a loose ball scramble. He comes out, which should be good for the Hornets. They only have 2 points in the last 6 minutes, as the HOrnets also commit an offensive foul. 58-48 Spurs. 

9:24-After a pair of free throws from Paul, Finley responds with a three. Then Peja, even with Parker on him, badly misses a long shot. Parkers drills a shot just under the line, to give the Spurs a 63-50 lead. The Hornets  really need to step up on offense. Their window to make a move is closing fast.

9:28-In a montage of celebries, we see Drew Brees wearing a visor indoors, Sean Payton, Ric Flair(WOOO!), Bow Wow who is "shooting a movie" and Forrest Whitaker, who is also shooting a movie. What amazing acting talent in the building.Pargo quickly hits a shot, but Finley hits a three with tight D on him. Pargo responds with another layup. And Horry hits a 3. The Hornets D has fallen apart, though the Spurs have been shooting extremely well. Parker flops to draw the foul. This game hasn't had too many fouls though.

9:33- Ginobili hits a pair of free throws, and then Paul gets a nice feed to set up West for the dunk. At the end of the third quarter, the Spurs are up 71-56. Except less frequent updates, as I can't imagine this game getting close. The Spurs are shooting too well, especially from the bench players, and the HOrnets cant do anything on offense.

9:45-And all of a sudden, things are getting interesting. Pargo has scored 8 points in a short amount of time, and after a Duncan free throw the score is 80-70. The Hornets are 7-7 from the field in this quarter. Gregg Popovich done a good job of calling time whenever the Spurs have started to make some shots, but he's letting them play now.

9:48-Paul misses a wide open 3. The Hornets could have really used that. However, Ginobili commits an offensive foul on Paul, who flopped terribly. Its funny to see Ginobili of all people complaining about a flop, showing why flopping is the worst thing in basketball. Still 80-70.  

9:56-After a bad foul call on Paul, Pargo drills a three to cut the lead to 81-75, with 3:10 to play. Now Pargo goes the line and hits both. Could Pargo be the savior and not Paul? 81-77. Duncan has 5 fouls, but  then Chandler commits a foul. 

10:02-Parker his both free throws, and then Peja misses a very deep three he never should have taken. After a Spurs miss, Pargo hits another 3 to cut the  lead to 3. However, Parker hits a clutch shot to put the Spurs back up 5, and the Hornets can't respond. They're forced to foul Ginobiili with 40 seconds left. Spurs 85-80 


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