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To answer questions bound to be answered:we've been conducting this interview for 3 weeks,sorry for the delay.


C:How's it going Bigd?

B:Not too much. I am going to the Hawks-Celtics game 3 on Saturday night, and the Penguins are dominating.

C:Really?How you getting there?

B:Driving down with a couple friends.

C:Saweet.Malkin and Crosby are cleaning up aren't they?

B:Well, they are the top two players in the NHL. Even Fluery has picked up his play in net. Now its time for them to spank Jagr and the Rangers.

C:Think They can win it all?Will they be the next Gretzky-Messier?

B:They are the best team, so they should win it. Can't forget Hossa either. He hasn't had a great playoff history, but he is still probably one of the ten best players in hockey. I think Crosby-Malkin is going to be more like what Lemieux-Gretzky could have been had they ever played together.

C:So what thoughts do you have on the Pirates?

B:They look good sometimes, and they look bad sometimes. The pitching is much better than it has shown. Morris never should have been traded for, so he is the one player I really can't stand. Gorzelanny really needs to pick up his play for this Pirates team to have a shot to compete. And they have shown potential this year, winning four in a row and even sweeping the Cincinatti Reds.

C:Had to mention the sweep didn't you?Any prospects that are looking good?

B:A couple. Andrew McCutchen is one of the best minor league players around, and Steve Pearce could be a really good player, too. Both will hopefully be up by the end of the season.

C:What's your world series pick?

B:Gotta go with future Cy Young winner Micah Owings and the D-backs in six over the Red Sox.

C:Micah Owings for Cy Young?

B:Not this season, but at some point in the next five years he will win it.

C:How do you think the steelers did in the draft?

B:I love the first two picks. Mendenhall was probably the second best back in the draft, and they were lucky to get him. That should help the great Willie Parker out by putting less of a strain on him. And Limas Sweed could have gone in the first round, so we were lucky to get him late in the second.

C:The Mendenhall pick I saw surprising.The Bengals did ok,not great.How many of these guys do you think the steelers will sign?

B:I think they will sign all of their top five picks. I see Dennis Dixon coming in with a Randle El type role in the next year or two, and he may become one of the steals of the draft.

 C:Dixon to reciever?I still see him as a talent,I don't think he'll be great,my idea for him is like a journeyman back up.Anything you think the steelers didn't fill?

B:I see Dixon playing a Kordell Stewart type role with the Steelers. He can come in when we need someone talented late in the game to bolster our offense even more.
I would have liked to have picked up a lineman earlier. Its a good thing they didn't, because there was no one worthy of a first round pick left, probably not even a second round talent.

C:I'd like to get your opinion on the Ocho Cinco-Bengals situation(be nice)

B:I think they should trade him. Instead of the idea of trading him for draft picks, though, I think they should trade him for a one or two solid defensive players who can come in and improve the defense immediately. Personally, I think that TJ is the best receiver on that team.

C:So what are your predictions for the Steelers this upcoming season?

B:I see another 10-6 year with another AFC North crown, one game ahead of the Bengals. People need to realize that Derek Anderson just isn't any good.

C:I agree people are overrating Derek Anderson.Any breakout players for the Steelers this year?

B:Santonio Holmes. He has already proven that he has a lot of skill, and he should become Big Ben's go to receiver this season.

C:Out of OSU hehe....Got any predictions for the upcoming college football season?

B:This may make me look like a homer, but Penn State could definately run the table next year. They should be at least the third best team, with a good shot at Wisconson, and you never know when they could beat Ohio State. Daryll Clark should be one of the best quarterbacks in the Big Ten, and the duo of Evan Royster and Stephfon Green could be one of the most electric in the country. And I would say West Virginia over Florida in the national title game.

C:Alright WVU!(I like them)Have a heisman pick?

B:Derrick Williams. And for my non-homer pick I would have to say Pat White. He has been my guess the last two years, and there is no way I will change it now. And as crazy as this sounds, I think Armanti Edwards has a very good shot of at least being a finalist, like Steve McNair was back in his day.

C:Pat White is a heck of a player.And yes,maybe Williams is a bit homer,lol.Any dark horses you see for the nat'l championship?

B:Obviously I think Penn State could have a legitimate shot as long as Clark plays well in the big games. Other than that, I would say Texas Tech. There offense is just going to be way too good to be true. I also think Wisconson could be a dark horse. They get their toughest games at home, and they play a bunch of terrible teams out of conference, so I could definately see them going undefeated.

C:Did you have a mentor when you came to FN?

B:From the day I came to this website, GoatHCW took me under his wing. He was a great guy, and he will always be one of my all time favorite people on this site. I was lucky to have the best tder this site has ever seen as my mentor.

C:What is the biggest issue on FN?

B:I would have to say the problems with cheating. While the mods have made a lot of strides, new members still cheat. A lot. And the mods can't always catch it.

C:What about Homers?They can be hilarious and annoying.What do you think of them?

B:I don't have a problem with the average homerism, but some people just take it way too far.

C:What are the best groups you've been a part of?

B:SIFS is probably the best on FanNation, although I have not been as active recently as I would like to be. Some would expect me to say the Night Owls, but a lot of people who I am good friends with had fallouts with the group.

C:Yeah,haven't gotten quite over the dge yet for SIFS.And Night owls have had their troubles.Who do you enjoy talking to the most?

B:I would say probably Hemo, EF, D-fan aka D-bag, and Anthony E. I have something in common with pretty much all of them.

C:Is there anyone in particular you enjoy tding with?

B:Probably D-fan is my favorite, even though I am 0-2 against him. I also like throwing down with Goodell. I think we have done that five times or so.

C:What do you see in your FN future?

B:I hope to reach at least 200 wins by the time I retire. Considering how much I td, that could take a while.

C:Is there anyone you'd like to thank for your sucess?

B:Again, I would have to thank GoatHCW. He was the guy who helped get me hooked on this site, and I wouldn't be here anymore without him.

C:Who are you pulling for in the upcoming presidential election?

B:John McCain. But I would much rather have Billary in office than Obama.

C:What do you think of the mess of the Pre olympic games?

B:I despise China, but I can't stand people propesting it either. They aren't going to change anything, so they should quit putting themselves at risk.

C:What sports have you played in your life?

B:Like everyone else, I started with soccer. Then in third grade I played football, where I was a fullback and defensive end, and I played baseball, where I played third base. I played baseball three years and I've played football ever since. I got to start at inside linebacker as a sophomore, and I hope to be back from my injury half way through my senior season this year.

C:What Happened?How did you get hurt?

B:Last year during spring practice a lineman rolled over my ankle after I made a tackle. He broke my tibia in two places, and it tore my ACL and MCL. Even though it was over a year ago, it still hurts all the time. I still can't put much pressure on my ankle or run at full speed.

C:Ouch.So Football obviously is your favorite all around sport?

B:Hell ya it was my life for a while.

C:So do you think you'll play at all in college?

B:No, I think I might have had a shot had I not been injured. The injury has taken way too long to recover for me to have any shot.

C:You could walk on.Or maybe it'd be best to take a scholarship offer for school work.

B:I doubt I could ever walk-on at Linebacker U. I'm working on finding scholarship money for school right now. Its going to be 100k for four years out of state at PSU.

C:Cool,things hectic applying for college and all?

B:Well, I don't have to turn in my early admissions for a few months still, so its no big deal. Just trying to enjoy my last summer before I'm a senior.

C:Yeah,so plan on doing anything this summer?

B:I'm heading up north for a couple weeks. Other than that, just hanging out on the lake.

C:On the lake?So like fishing?

B:Sometimes, but I usually don't fish when I'm with friends. We like to tie a couple rafts on the back and go full speed and try to knock eachother off.

C:So what do you plan on majoring in in college?

B: Either some form of pre-medicine so I can become a doctor, or journalism so I can become an intelligent version of Todd McShay.

C:So what's your dream job?

B:The 8:00 PM game on Saturday nights on ABC, and then my own radio show on the weekdays on ESPN Radio.

C:That'd be sweet.Anything else you'd like to cover?

B:I want to start my career by covering the Steelers, Pirates, and Penguins.

C:So Pittsburgh sports mostly.Well I obviously hope for some great games between Cincy and Pitt teams,and then arguing with you

B:Well, there haven't really been many this year. My Steelers killed you in both games last year. Plus my Pirates swept the Reds about a month ago. So if blowouts qualify as greatness, there is plenty going around.

C: Yeah reds are 20-23,not that bad.At least they won't finish last in the division for like the upteenth year in a row.Once the Bengals get rid of their distractions then we can talk.

B:Yeah, I guess this will be the first year of many that the Reds finish last. The Pirates are smoking right now.

C:You'd like that wouldn't you?But i guess being a pirates fan you're used to failure the last few years.

B:I couldn't see. The glare off the five Super Bowl rings were blinding me. Which makes, five more rings than the state of Ohio.

C:When was the last time those Pirates won the world series?1979,We are family?Reds?1990?And the Pirates haven't had a winning season since like Bonds left.

B:We got struck by the curse of the Bondbino. Not our faults he is a selfish SOB.

C:Andy Van Slyke,do you think most could tell you who he was?

B:I really doubt it. Its tough being stuck in the outfield with one of the greatest players of all time: Bobby Bonilla.

C:We'll save the talk for later,had a great time how bout you?

B:I've had fun. I hope the greatness that shines from every part of me will go to prove that Pittsburgh is the greatest city in the world. To quote Ron Burgundy, "Milk was a bad choice."


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