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Tracy00214-Is back!


Welcome to the latest edition of Ask Dear Tracy, and this week we have some interesting questions.


Anonymous on FanNation writes..


Dear Tracy,  What is the best way to dump your girlfriend?


There is no easy way to dump someone, it's going to be painful for one of you. The best thing you can do is be honest and say you just want to be friends, your not feeling the romantic thing at all, and that your sorry about it.


Anonymous II on FanNation writes..


Dear Tracy,   I do alot of things for my  girlfriend that I love doing because it's for her and about her. But sometimes I would like for her to do some things with me that I want to do, and alot of times she doesnt. I love pampering her, but sometimes I like to be appreciated too and I dont always feel that, despite how much I love her. How can I get this point across to her without hurting her feelings or starting an unneccesary argument?


Woo thats a good question! And a hard one to answer. You dont need me to tell you that she should want to make you happy, but maybe she doesnt realize how important doing things that you like to do are to you. You should mention to her that you really want to share with her all parts of your life, including things that she hasnt done before, like going to a football game, That it would make you so happy if she did because you have always wanted to do those things with the one you love. She most likely will say, "Awww, thats so sweet!" and do it at least once, but you never know, she may end up actually enjoying whatever it is you share with her.


Coolest Mofo Ever writes, 


Dear Tracy, I have a best friend who is probably the most popular girl in our grade, but she's becoming a slut. Today I was like, "Jessica, I dont want to be your best friend anymore, your becoming a slut."  Was I to rash, did I make a bad choice? Why do I feel like crap?  


Dear Mofo,  You were not to rash, and it is your JOB and DUTY as her best friend to let her know how you feel, especially if other kids are talking about her. You feel like crap because she's your best friend and you feel terrible for having to tell her how you felt. I dont agree however, with you abandoning her as a best friend. A best friend is supposed to be just that, a best friend. You dont abandon a friend when times get tough, you try to help them through it and solve whatever problem comes along. Having said that, as we grow up people change, some good and some bad. It's up to you to decide if Jessica is worth helping, or if it is a lost cause. Good luck, Mofo.


Crazychickhater writes..


Dear Tracy, What do you do if the chick you like has split personalities, is bi-polar, and cheats alot?


Well hater, it's pretty obvious what you do with a chick like that. You introduce her to your worst enemy. 


That's all the questions for now, but I would like to take a minute to talk about another Girl Advice columnist, Ghosthunter. Here's a picture of him with his latest converts.



But there is more to Ghost than just him thinking women are inferior and trying to convert all males to the darkside. Besides him being... a little vicious maybe..





He also happens to be one of the most overlooked throwdowners on the site, except to his opponents of course..



He wont like me telling all of you though, that he is one of the funniest, sweetest, most loyal ghosts I have had the pleasure  to meet on this site .

 Until next time, FanNation...





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