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Today, in my 3rd of 16 blogs, I will be taking a look at the Czech Republic, who will play their first match on June 7 at St. Jakob Park. 

On June 7, the Czech Republic will definitely look to reach they peak or close to it as they have many times in the past.  Known as one of the most historical sides in the world, the Czechs are always a big threat, and this year they will be an even bigger threat all because I feel that many are over-looking them.  This is one of the best teams, and I think they are going to come out and try to show everyone that they are for real.  So, let's look at some of the keys to this side. 

Strength- Well, this team hasn't been billed "The Cech Republic" for no reason.  It's all because of a man named Petr Cech playing goal that has us saying that.  The man considered to be the best in the Premier League and world is definitely a big-time threat.  With him behind a defence, almost anyone would look good with him in there.  Cech uses his height and natural agility to gracefully swoop to shots, even near-impossible shots.  At the last World Cup, Cech at times kept the team afloat, and without him they wouldn't have done as good as they did.  So, without a questions, Petr Cech is they man to watch if you love goalkeeping.

Weakness- While this side is very good, I have to say that they do lack in one area.  The big weakness is the lack of experience and leadership.  A couple of days ago, I learned that neither Tomas Rosicky, the current captain or Pavel Nedved, the former captain, will not be in the side.  This is a huge let-down for the Czechs, seeing as how these two players are so good and the midfield will miss them quite a bit.  Yes, I would say that they have veterans, but these guys aren't really leaders.  If and maybe when these men step up and become leaders, they will have success as a team.  I think it will all pan out, but you never can know for sure.

Player to Watch- On this go-around, I'm going to pick two guys who will be vital to this side.  We already know that Cech will keep out a lot, but they need to score goals.  In come Jan Koller and Milan Baros.  These two men are very experienced and are two of the best goalscorers of the era.  Both men are looking to regain their previous form, and if they can use that "speed-strength" method between the two of them, they can be very successful.  If the two can score, they will be dangerous and will be able to make a big run, but if they don't score they will not win and they probably won't advance.

Prediction- The Czech Republic will just barely make it out of the group with a second-place finish in Group A.



Once again, thanks.  Tomorrow, I'll look at France.  Until next time, it's been Keeper and I'm out.


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