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dudeman is back. maybe.

FN is a diverse community with much drama going I will be writing a soap opera for FN. If you want a cameo, just fanmail me and you WILL get one guaranteed or else you will get your money back. This will be coming every Friday.

The Lighter Side Network has been charging high prices to companies who wish to advertise with commercials on "As FanNation Turns". Therefore, there will no longer be commercials on "As FanNation Turns" unless The Lighter Side Network stops being cheap.

As FN Turns has been reeling lately, with less than 100 views for Vol. 6! I'm kind of disappointed because I do put in 2-3 hours writing this, and I'm  not getting results. So, be sure not to miss any FN Soap Operas! The next FN Soap Opera will be posted one 6/13/08 due to Finals.

Viewer Discretion is Advised

When we last encountered the FN Soap Opera, Dan and Gu3 had made their daring escape from the Soccer T&R! We know see the two trying to figure out where they want to go.

Dan: I think we should go straight to the FNPD, and get those jerks off the street.

Gu3: I say we kidnap THEM! We can surprise them, and and take them out!

Dan: Oh wait, I forgot, you're a kid.

Gu3: Hey! Some kids are smart, and have good ideas!

Dan: You obviously aren't one of them...

Gu3: I'll pretend you didn't say that.

Dan *rolls eyes*: Anyways, I still think that we should go to the FNPD.

Gu3: Well, since my other idea was RUDELY shot down, I say we go and get some pizza!

Dan: Idiot. 

Gu3: I'm hungry!

Dan: Stupid too.

Gu3: Fine, we'll go to the FNPD.

Dan: Before we go, we need some evidence against the kidnappers.

Gu3: How about we catch them on tape?

Dan: I guess we should stake the place out, we'll go and get a video camera and some tape, than we'll steal some of their supplies, and catch them coming into the building on tape!

Gu3: Sounds great! We'll get 'em!

As Dan and Gu3 travel to the nearest electronic store, we switch to David, Hiya and Dyhard. The two psychologists are struggling to get David away from TDs.

Hiya: David, this is the last time we are going to try with you.

Dyhard: We have other patients you know...Real Sports is in dire need of some help with his blogging addiction.

NCshvDavid: Yea, that dude is pretty nuts...

Dyhard: Nothing compared to you.

NCshvDavid *sarcastically*: Thanks...

Hiya: David, we want you to slow down on the TDing, I don't want to see you near 600 wins for another 2 months, we clear?

NCshvDavid: No! I need to TD! I'm a pimp!

Dyhard: True...

NCshvDavid: Yea, Dyhard! I'm the TD Pimp, and I can never be stopped!

Hiya: David, we have lost hope for you, TD as much as you want...just remember that we aren't here for you when you have to do 2 arguments with 15 minutes!

NCshvDavid: Oh, that happens all the's called multiTDing - duh!

Dyhard: Have fun with "multiTDing".

Dyhard and Hiya walk out, very disappointed with David. David immediately starts TDing. We switch to Ey and Esco who are going to start interrogating. They arrive at Bombers' mansion.

'Ey: Big place.

Esco: Hell yea.

'Ey: Alright let's go in...

Esco knocks on the door and Bombers' butler answers.

Butler: How may I help you?

'Ey *flashes badge*: We need to talk to Bombers.

Butler: He's currently reading some classic blogs.

Esco: Don't you see his shiny badge?

Butler: No, I see a dull, piece of plastic.

'Ey: You like being fresh, huh?

Butler: You like carrying around dull pieces of plastic...

Esco: Look man, you let us talk to Bombers, or else the whole FNPD will be here.

Butler: The FNPD is overrated an made up of chumps...but I'll let you in.

Esco *ticked off*: So what if our blogs aren't that good? Anyway, just get out of our way so we can do what we gotta do.

The butler steps aside, and in walk Esco and 'Ey. Bombers is sitting on a lavish couch, reading some classic Friday Debates.

Bombers: May I help you two?

'Ey *flashes badge again*: I'm guessing you have heard about what happened to NCshvDavid.

Bombers: Yes, David is a good friend of mine.

Esco: Cut the crap, and tell us what you know.

Bombers: Crap?

Esco: You heard me. Why did you shoot at David?

Bombers: Oh, well, this is absurd.

'Ey: Where where you the night he got shot?

Bombers: I was in the stadium, can't miss a classic like that!

Esco: Did you have a gun on your person?

Bombers: 1. If I did, would I tell you? 2. No.

Esco: Smart guy...

'Ey: No, that was just a stupid question.

Esco: Shut up, and let me talk. Bombers, how long have you known David?

Bombers: Ever since he got 50 wins, a while back.

Esco: Ever been mad at him?

Bombers: Once, when he beat me.

Esco: Jealous of him?

Bombers: Not really, if you don't count being part of his haternation...

Esco: So, did you ever want to hurt him?

Bombers: No, never. I can't hurt the Pimp!

Esco: I think we are done here. Bombers, I don't think you are the criminal, so for now, we won't be at your doorstep.

Bombers: Alright, can I go back to reading these debates?

'Ey *rolls eyes*: Knock yourself out...

We fade into Officer Dawgee's hospital room. His wife, Detroit Steel is beside him. He's gasping. For his last breaths.

Detroit Steel: Dawgee...don't leave me!

Officer Dawgee: The time always comes, Tia.

Detroit Steel *crying heavily*: But Dawgee, no!

Officer Dawgee: I will always love you...and TDing.

Officer Dawgee than takes his last breath.

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