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A review of the game curtesy of

 1st Quarter


We're jumping right into the 1st Quarter of the Johns Hopkins-Duke matchup,. ABout 6 minutes to go in the quarter exactly, and JHU is up 1-1 after goals by Kevin Huntley and Zack Greer respectively. Typical mythodical Blue Jays against a Duke team that will need to up the tempo through this game to get a win. Lets see how this plays out. Duke has ruled the possesion time though, and Danowski has played some invert.

Crowd seems to have held for this game, though the Orange has filtered out to the parking lot at this point, understandably. The first game had one of the best endings I've ever seen, and Foxborough must love that the Syracuse contingient will be here through the weekend. Should pump attendance for tomorrow's DII (Le Moyne) and DIII (Cortland) championships.

Max Quinzani scores on the crease before the end of the quarter, and Duke has a 2-1 lead heading into the second quarter.

2nd Quarter

I wish I could say there's some major action going on. I wish I could say that, but I can't. Duke has let up a couple unforced turnovers, but Johns Hopkins has put many shots on goal. Was funny, I picked Johns Hopkins to lose this game, but they did have the personnel to beat the Blue Devils the same way Georgetown did. Hold Duke to 2 goals for over 20 minutes is a good start down that road, but they need a few more shots on cage here.

Just as  I write Johns Hopkins Brian Christopher beat a Duke longpole to tie it 2-2 after Johns HOpkins held possession for a few minutes. Refs called a stall warning on that play.  

Steven Boyle and Kevin Huntley score witn :14 seconds of each other, and Johns Hopkins takes a 4-2 lead. Huntley's goal was especially impressive, a behind the back shot that just clipped the next and went in for a goal. Duke continues to be pushed to play 6-6 offense on the other side, feeding right into the Blue Jays' game plan. 3 minutes to go.

Timeout taken by Duke with 42.4 seconds. Duke just can't get their offense going, and they're pushing passes inside that are turning into unforced turnovers. Let's see what type of adjustments coach Danowski will make. Score at halftime is still JHU 4-Duke 2.


Mike Leveille, who scored five goals including the game winner against Virginia in today's first matchup, is receiving the Lowe's Senior CLASS award on the field. Nice pick, perfect for the reward that honors leadership, athleticism and scholastic achievement.

Halftime Stats O' Interest:
Shots: 17 Johns Hopkins, 19 Duke (fun times)
Face-offs: 5-8 JHU, 3-8 Duke
Saves: 7 Johns Hopkins, 6 Duke (a nice number for Gvozden especially)
Turnovers: Johns Hopkins 7, Duke 9 (too much for either team, but they've hurt Duke more)

Official attendance just announced. 48,224, the fourth highest DI lacrosse attendance in history, behind ‘07 semis in Baltimore, ‘06 semis in Philly, and ‘07 championship game in Baltimore. The NCAA and Gillette officials must both be content with that, proving that Foxborough can be a viable option as a tournament venue. The teams played a big role in that number too, since all four are traditional programs with strong fanbases, Syracuse especially, when it comes to travelling to these events.

3rd Quarter

Paul Rabil fed Michael Doneger on a the crease to take a quick 5-2 lead, but Duke's Steve Schoeffel drops one to make it 5-3. That's Duke's first goal in 20 minutes. They follow it up with another, this time from Max Quinzani for his second of the game. 5-4 Johns Hopkins. This might be that offensive run Duke has been looking for.

Okay, no more play by play. Duke's Terrance Molinari scores a goal on a set up off a face-off fastbreak, and it's all tied up at 5 a piece. Would like to know what coach Danowski said to light a fire under his team here. Still, a low scoring game plays to Hopkins. Lets see how they respond to this run.

Paul Rabil responds for JHU, dodging from up top against Duke's O'Hara, drove left and fired a rocket. Patented Rabil. That move will be studied by all future power midfielders. A move that exemplifies grace and power. 6-5 Johns Hopkins with less than 6 minutes to go.

Kevin Huntley fires in a goal with two-tenths of a second left on the clock to make it 7-5 Johns Hopkins. Funny ending here, neither team wanted to take the face off with so little time, but NCAA refs made them. Heading into the fourth quarter.

For lacrosse fans, heard that ESPN's "Outside the Lines" will show a piece on Duke tomorrow at 9:30 EST.  New York Times college beat writer Pete Thamel, a good friend of Inside Lacrosse, will be one of the writers interviewed for the piece.

4th Quarter

Duke is powering back, with a three-goal run started by Greer, followed by Matt Danowski end end on a fastbreak by Nick O'Hara and, suddenly its 8-8 to go with 7 minutes. Duke's found a few holes in the defense, mostly off face-off fastbreaks in that run. Hopkins had another goal in that run as well, by George Castle.

Hopkins just capitalized on a EMO opportunity and it's 9-8 JHU. Boyle from Kimmel. How much weight will be on their shoulders next year, you think?

Kevin Huntley scores, making it 10-8. Huntley, so underrated, and such a weapon for Hopkins' midfield.

WIth 28.2 seconds, Duke's Ned Crotty scores to make it 10-9 Johns Hopkins. Duke wins the next face-off, but, in a questionable decision, coach Danowski waits until 3.9 seconds to call a timeout. Duke gets a shot off, Danowski from just off the sideline, but it doesn't go, believe Gvozden had the save there at the end. Your final, 10-9 Johns Hopkins. We're having an old school championship, Syracuse vs. Johns Hopkins. Monday we're going to party like its 1989. 


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