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It is easy to fall into reporting on the event just like all the other MMA sites. But really that is not what SBTN MMA is all about. We're about digging through the numbers to find the stories or vice versa. Therefore, below I'm going to do my best to offer a jumble of numbers resulting from UFC 84 that nobody and I mean nobody has reported on!


44 There are actually two 44's, first the easy one, Shane Carwin only needed (0:44) seconds to knockout Christian Wellisch....


44 Time (0:44) of round three when during the Lyoto Machida/Tito Ortiz bout referee Yves Lavigne must've glanced away from the action for a split second and right into "The people's eyebrow" of former wrestling star turned actor Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson who was in attendance (Please read fine print at bottom). Because Lavigne stumbled and tumbled, like a cat though he rolled to his feet perfectly and stayed on them rest of the way. Just like Machida who frustrated Tito for three rounds in route to the decision victory.


200 The lovely Laura Prepon played Donna Pinciotti for (200) episodes on That 70's Show. Maybe the Rock threw the People's Eyebrow onto Lavigne because he heard rumors that Prepon, a big MMA fan also in attendance, was really there to see Yves (Again, please read fine print at bottom)


26 Back to Shane Carwin, in KO'ing Wellisch in only 0:44 he lowered his average time per fight....but barely! It only dropped by (2.6) seconds. Through eight fights Carwin finished his opponents in a shocking average of 67.3 seconds. After his UFC debut this number tumbled to 64.7 seconds. Prior to the fight I wondered what would happen if Wellisch stretched the fight even into the three minute mark? We didn't get to find out.


6 Wanderlei Silva is back in a big way with his destruction of Keith Jardine at only 0:36 of round one. It was shocking, but then again maybe not so much. It was actually (0:06) longer than Jardine's knocked out average. Jardine, who is now 13-4-1, has lost three of those four fights in an average of only 0:30. Just last year Houston Alexander KO'd him in 0:48 and back in February of 2002 Travis Wiuff only needed (0:06) to drop Jardine. Keith "The Dean of Mean" Jardine is sometimes called "The Techno Viking" maybe he'd be better served to dance for the first minute of each of his fights!


5 Goran Reljic used the left side of his body in convincing fashion by blasting away on Wilson Gouveia with kicks and punches. He had a (5) inch reach advantage and used it effectively. The fight was exciting and some 0:45 before Reljic scored the TKO at 3:15 of round two, it appeared Gouveia had him in a little bit of trouble. Obviously Reljic quickly turned the tables though. Joe Rogan wasn't kidding when he said, "What a back and forth fight that was."


5 Sticking with (5), the number of fighters out of the 22 on the card to come into their bout without a loss. Combined they had a record of 48-0-1 with Lyoto Machida and Thiago Silva both 12-0, **** Hyun Kim 9-0-1, Shane Carwin 8-0, and Goran Reljic 7-0.


5 All (5) of the undefeated fighters remained without a loss. Silva had to weather an early storm from Antonio Mendes who delivered a nasty head kick at the start. Machida, weathered a late storm from Tito Ortiz when with less than a minute remaining he got caught in a tight triangle then armbar, but managed to squirm free. The other three didn't have much trouble, especially Shane Carwin who KO'd Christian Wellisch knocking his mouthpiece out in the process...


14 Wellisch's mouthpiece made an estimated (14) rotations before colliding with the canvas. Estimated because the cameraman lost it right before it hit the floor. Speaking of cameraman....


234 At (2:34) of round one Rousimar Palhares had Ivan Salaverry's back and was working on a rear naked choke. At 2:36 Salaverry was tapping due to an armbar. The transition was so perfect and so fast that the cameraman almost missed it. The move earned the Brazilian Palhares submission of the night.


56 Another great submission came from Yoshiyuki Yoshida when he locked up John Koppenhaver in an anaconda choke. Herb Dean deserves credit for stopping the bout when he did because he saw that Koppenhaver was out from a pretty tough angle.


3 B.J. Penn enjoyed, and I mean enjoyed both a (3) inch height and (3) inch reach advantage over Sean Sherk. He used both effectively to deliver jab after jab to Sean's face. Sherk did okay in the stand up, but surprisingly never really tried to take the fight to the ground. He paid the price when he ate a big knee at the end of round (3). Penn then deserves credit for double duty as he went ahead and stepped in for Mario Yamasaki and called the fight. Finally Yamasaki agreed, Sherk didn't argue, and Penn is now undoubtedly the UFC's lightweight champ.

(Fine Print: Please recognize the stories about the Rock and Laura Prepon are just that stories, simply products of my over-active imagination in an attempt to add a little levity, plus I wanted to add a picture of Prepon)

For more stories like this and pictures of the Rock, Laura Prepon, and Penn punching Sherk, check out my blog, Sports by the Numbers MMA.


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