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Danbash's blog: An Inconvenient Truth: The Kevin Hart Story

While I was reading the newspaper and eating my Toaster Streudel Tuesday morning, I came across a story I found really interesting.  Kevin Hart, a lineman for Fernley HS in Nevada, had decided that he was going to accept a scholarship to play for the University of California.  The problem was, a scholarship was never even offered and Cal coach Jeff Tedford had never heard of Hart until this story broke.  First, Hart claimed that he had been tricked by a shady middle man who had promised him a spot on a D-1 team.  Then, he admitted that the entire thing was a fake.









Personally, I find this whole thing to pretty depressing.  To think that a kid is so crazy about playing D-1 football that he would make up lie after lie after lie to make his unrealistic dream a reality made me think about big-time college recruiting as a whole.  Don't get me wrong, Hart has some issues he needs to work out with a professional, but the fact that ESPNU has more or less turned National Signing Day into a National Holiday is a bit excessive.  Big football states like Alabama, Florida, and Texas devote entire sections of their respective newspapers to Signing Day.   When a kid who excels in Math or Science receives a scholarship, do we put press conferences of them choosing their college on national TV?  I guess that's just the way our society is.


Stephen Glass and Kevin Hart have a lot in common.


In the end, Kevin Hart could learn from a guy like Stephen Glass.  For those of you who don't know who he is, Glass was a high profile reporter for The New Republic who fabricated nearly all of his stories about 10 years ago.  Now, after years of dealing with the scrutiny that deservedly comes with lying repeatedly, Glass emerged to write a best-selling book and is currently a lawyer in New York City.


Now that I think about it, Hart should avoid trying to be like Stephen Glass.  He's one crazy guy.

Nyfan's Blog, (done before draft):  NFL Mock Draft(AFC East)

I'm not doing a normal Mock Draft,theres just to many on this site.Instead ill be posting every teams picks in a random order,on this page,first up the Jets,and Patroits

2008 Jets Draft

1st round-Chris Long-Virginia-All signs are pointing to him droping this far.St.Louis has already decided that they will pick either Gholston or Dorsey,and Okland will pick McFadden.That said,the Jets will end up chosing between Ryan or Long,but Long makes the most sense.He adds another good pass rusher,is a perfect fit for the 3-4 scheme,and has the intangibles that Mangini loves,which makes him a perfect fit for the Jets.Plus even if McFadden drops to six,he seems more like a Reggie Bush then an Adrian Peterson.Bush and McFadden both made there living off runs to the outside,something that doesnt work in the NFL.The newest Jet Chris Long

2d round-James Hardy-Indiana-I see it coming down to Rice,Hardy,or Kelly.Rice would make the fans happy but with Thomas and Washington,running back isnt a need.That said, Coles is 31 and will be retiring in a few year and Hardy would be the perfect guy to replace him.Hardy 6'5 217 points,and runs a 4.5.He may not be the fastest reciver but makes up in size and his long arms.Hardy would be a great fit and help the Jets for years to come.


4th round-John David Booty-USC-After the Jets passed on Ryan in round one,thill be looking for another qb.At this point Denis Dixon,Andre Woodson,and John David Booty should be on the board so the Jets will have a ton of options.I see the Jets picking Booty because hes big(6'3 215 pounds) and knows how to get it done.Last year Botty threw for over 3,300 yards,had 29 tds and only 9 picks.Booty may not be the flashy player but he has what it takes to be a stud in the NFL making him the 102 pick in the NFL Draft.


4th round-Mike Hart-Michigan-The Jets will either pick a corner or a running back with this pick,and I see Hart being the guy.Hart is a small back(5'9 202 pounds) but packs a lot of punch.After not getting McFadden in round one,the Jets will be looking for another running back.This will open the spot up for Mike Hart who last year ran for 1331 yards and 14 tds,on a less then steller Michigan team.The 113 pick goes to Mike Hart,your newest New York Jet.

6th round-Darnell Terrell-Missouri-The Jets are lacking depth at corner and Terrell will be the guy.At 6'2 203 pounds he is a movible guy something that Magini loves.Last year at Missouri he played both Free Saftey and Corner, had 41 tackles,11 pass deflections,and 1 int.He has what it takes to be a solid NFL player and worth the 171 pick.

7th round-Joe Jon Finley-Oklahoma-As we all know,a seventh round pick isnt really going to make a differnce but this guy will.At 6'6 261 pounds he has the size and strenth to be a solid tight end.Last year he had 4 tds,301 yards,and 23 cathces,not to mention he was a solid run and pass blocker,which is a kind of tight end Mangini drolls all over.


2008 Patriots Draft

1st round-I see it coming down to Rivers,Jenkins,or McKelvin if they dont trade down.As much as everyone says that there going to pick a corner,I see them going another direction in picking Rivers.The Pats are amaizng at just plugging in guys to play corner and I see them doing that again this year.Plus all there starting linebackers are over 30 and are going to be retiring in a few years so a guy like Rivers would make perfect sense.Rivers is a big strong linebacker at 6'2 240 pounds,and even runs a 4.54,he had 240 tackles,18.5 for loss,and 6 sacks at USC in his four year carrer so he has a noise for the ball and makes many big plays.That your newest New England Patriot is Keith Rivers

2d round-Since the Pats passed on a corner in round one,I see them chosing between DaJuan Morgan, Tvon Branch, or Tracy Porter.But in the end Porter will be there pick,At 5'11188 pounds Porter is one of those fast corners who gets lots of picks.In four years at Indiana Porter had 16 picks and 212 tackles,which will make him the Patroits second round pick.

3d round-I see it coming down to Davis,Crable,or McClain.Both Crable and McCalain would help add depth to the linebacker position but both could be found at a latter point.In the end the Pats will pick Fred Davis the tight end out of USC.Davis is a big guy 6'4 250 pounds,with great hands,last year he caught 62 passes for 881 yards and 8 tds for USC,so he can do it all.Also by picking Davis they would add depth to a week tight end core,and would add another playmaker for years to come.

3d round-With Crable and McClain still on the board,I see them going a different direction in John Greco an offensive guard out of Toledo.Greco's a big guy at 6'5 305 pounds,and fast enough to play tackle if needed.Also he would be able to take over for Stephen Neal or Nick Kaczur who both got run over against the giants and are over 30.Greco would add depth and has the potentail to be a solid starter,so he will be the 94th pick in the draft.

4th round-After passing up Crable and McClain I see them picking a linebacker with this pick.After all even with Rivers there still very old,and need more depth.Even with Crable off the board,theres still two quility guys left in J Leman and Tavares Gooden,but in the end Leman out of Illinois will be there guy.At 6'2, 245 pounds he has the size to copete in the NFL.Leman also has great instincts ,is a hard worker,and last year had 103 tackles with 3 sacks.Lemans what a Patroit is supose to be,and will be there fourth round pick.

5th round-After the lose of Donte Stallworth,the Pats will be looking to pick up a wide reciver in the draft and this will be the pick.With almost all there needs taken care of they can afford to take the risk on a player like Marcus Henrey.Henreys a big guy at 6'4, 207 pounds,and runs a 4.47.With that said he only had one year when he had more then 1,000 yards reciving and 10 tds last year,but Henrey's weel worth the risk and will be a New England Patroit.

6th round-As we all know the Patroits always make good sixth round picks,and this one will be no different.I see them taking another lineman in Tyler Polumbus out of Colordo,since they still could use depth at that position.Polumbus is a big guy at 6'7,312 pounds hes one of the biggest players in this draft.Also hes fast for his size,runs a 5.23,and is a very hard worker,so he'll be a Pat come draft day.

7th round-With no big needs,I see them taking a chance on Albert Young the young RB out of Iowa who will eventually replace Kevin Faulk.Young may not be the fastest running back,but he makes up for that with his strenth and patience.Young is also a pretty solid reciver out of the backfield and will be the last pick the Patroits make in this draft

Miami Dolphins Draft

1st round-We all know who the Dolphins are going to pick and its Jake Long..Longs a 6'7 313 pound ofensive lineman out of Michigan and runs a 5.17.Hes a strong nasty player,and will become a star in the NFL.

2d round-After the lose of Zach Thomas,the Dolphins will be looking to pick up a linebacker in the draft.That said,thill target a guy like Curtis Lofton or Dan Conner but Lofton will be there pick.At 6 feet,240 pounds,and even runs a 4.78 so he has the size,and speed to play in the NFL.

2d round-The Dolphins really dont have a number one wide reciver and I wouldnt be surprised if they take a strong,big wide reciver like Mario Manningham with there second pick of the second round. Mario's a big,fast player who had 1,174 yards,72 catches and 12 tds last year,and will add another deminsion to a Dolphins offense which stunk last.

3d round-The dolphins will be looking at Chilo Rachal and Patrick Lee at this spot,but I see them picking Chilo.Chilo would fill a need at guard where they have two unproven starters,and would also provide much needed depth.At 6'5 315 pounds,he has the size to compete in the NFL and will be a Dolphin.

4th round-After passing up a corner in each of the dirst three rounds,the Dolphins will pick one here.Most likely thill chose between Terrence Wheatley and Chevis Jackson,so Jackson will be there guy.Jackson would fill a big need at corner and is a playmake.Last year at LSU he had 6 picks and 44 tackles,so he has a nack for the ball and fits perfectly in there new system,and will be part of one of the best draft classes in the NFL.

6th round-After passing on a tight end in each of the first five rounds I see them taking one here.Lets face it no one wants David Martin as there starting tieght end and at this point there will still be some quilty tight ends avalible like Joey Haynos and Mike Peterson.In the end,the newest Dolphin will be Haynos because hes 6'8 260 pounds,and even runs a 4.92.Haynos is a good pass and run blocker but also has the size and speed to be a solid option for a young qb and is a hard working player,something Bill Parcells loves.

7th round-With all there needs taken care of,I see Parcells bring in a qb.In the seventh tround there still should be many good qbs avalible like Erik Ainge,Matt Flynn,Kyle Wright and many more.Wright would be the fans pick here but I see them going another direction in Ainge.Last year Ainge threw for over 3,500 yards,31 tds and completed 62 percent of his passes,He would be a great pick here and would add depth to a week qb spot,plus give the Dolphins two qbs for the future.Ainge will be a dolphin and will end up being the next Tom Brady,trust me he will.


 7th round-With there last pick,I see the Dolphins picking Adam Kraus a guard out of Michigan.At 6'5 292 pounds he has the size o copete in the NFL.Kraus was a stud at Michigan but got overshadowed his whole carrer by Jake Long,so hes a good value with there last pick.

Buffalo Bills Draft

1st round-All signs point to Kevin Thomas,a wide reciver out of Michagan State.Adding Thomas would make the Bills have one of the most dangerous 1-2 punches in the NFL and he would learn from one of the best in Lee Evans.Thomas is a big guy at 6'2 and runs a 4.40.Also last year he had 1,260 yards,8 tds and 79 receptions,which will make him the 11th pick in this years NFL Draft.

2d round-At this point there going to pick a tight end,weather its Dusin Keller or Martellus Bennett,its anyone guess but ill go with Keller.Keller would help out there passing game a lot and is a big time target.Last year at Purdue he had 881 yards on 68 catches and 7 tds.His only real weekness is his size since hes only 6'2 242 pounds,but he still should be there pick

3d round-After Nate Clements left last year the Bills have had a week secondary.At this point there should be many good corners avalible but Antwaun Molden will be there guy.Molden is a six foot 198 pound corner and runs a 4.39,he had two picks and 70 tackles last year which will make him the Bills third round pick.

4th round-Since the Bills decided to stay away from a defensive end in each of the first three rounds,I see them taking one here.There will still be many quility guys avalible and I see them picking Darrell Robertson out of Georiga Tech.Robertson is an amazing athlete.At 6'4 255 pounds,he runs a 4.75 and will rush past most lineman.Last year he had six sacks and 36 tackles,so he should help the Bills and become a star in the next few years.

4th round-The Bills lack septh at a lot of position,so thill make a need pick here in Erin Henderson out of Maryland.At one time last year Henderson was considered an early first rounder but has since slipped due to some duriblity and injury conserns.That said,at 6'3 244 pounds he has the size to compete in the NFL and always plays his best,making him a real sleeper in this years draft.

5th round-The Bills are very short on Centers and will take one here.At 6'3 293 pounds is Steven Justice from Wake Forest.Justice is very quick of the ball and makes very smart decsions,he also has a great motor and hustels his heart out making him the Bills fith round pick.

6th round-Lets face the facts,the Bills are getting older at the offensive tackle positions and another one would be helpful.At this pick Tony Hills and Geoff Schwartz shold be avilible,so thill have a wide varity of solid tackles from big name programs to chose from.Tony Hills is another big guy with Terrific athleticism.He also is an outstanding pass blocker,and a smart and a hard worker with top-notch intangibles.At this point,hes a solid pick and shold help the Bills for years to come.

Hope you enjoyed



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