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Well Athlon just named LSU the number 9 team in the country which is very encouraging to me as a LSU fan so I figured when would be a better time to give you my season preview...



This season LSU is loaded on offense at every position every position, except QB. The front runner for LSU at QB is Jarret Lee, but don't be surprised if some how Andrew Hatch over takes him by the beginning of the season. Whoever grabs the starting job will be supported by good WR's, 4 stud RB's, and a very favorable schedule for a young QB. People tend to forget that in 2004 LSU had a 9 win season with 2 inexperienced QB's. Nobody is expecting a young QB to come in and take the SEC by storm, but if he can minimize mistakes and stay with an efficient short passing game don't be surprised if LSU finds themselves in a BCS bowl, but if they struggle LSU will have problems this season.


This is possibly the deepest position on LSU's team, Gary Crowten has  devised ways to put there very different skill sets to good work.

 The starter  will be Keiland Williams who had 6.7 yards per carry last year will be the leader of the LSU offense and he will get alot of balls thrown to him out of the backfield, after last year he recorded almost 15 yards per reception.

Trindon Holliday will be used manly on special team and as a decoy and he'll play alot of receiver too.

Charles Scott will be used as a powerback and will catch the ball out of the backfield some.

 And Richard Murphy (who had the best spring out of the 4 will be used as a good third down back.

LSU has 4 experienced backs who are all capable of starting, they will have to pick up the slack of LSU's inexperience at QB.



This is another position in which LSU is very deep,

It is very important that LSU's receivers step up and don't make it harder on LSU's inexperienced QB... In other words they need to minimize drops.

LSU is led at WR by the senior Demetrious Byrd who was 2nd team All-SEC and LSU's big play man last season, he lead LSU with 18 yards per catch and saw the endzone the most of the three, he is most known for his clutch catch he made in the last second of the LSU-Auburn game....

Brandon Lafell lead the team in receptions and receiving yards and was 3rd team All-SEC last season, he is also an excellent blocker, but has a problem with drops, but keep in mind that Dwayne Bowe also did early in his career, but was straitened out later on in his career at LSU. Lafell will be a Junior this season.

Terrance Toliver recorded an incredible 24.9 yards per catch last season which means that this season LSU will be looking too him for Big plays. He will be a sophomore this season.

Don't be surprised if Deangelo Benton who is coming in from Junior college makes an immediate impact and breaks into the receiver rotation.

Also Anthony Dickson at TE Will have a All-American caliber season , last year he was All-SEC as a sophomore and showed of his soft hands and speed against Ohio State where he caught two TD passes.

Offensive Line

LSU got every body back on the O-line from last season, and will look to capitalize on that by running the ball constantly,

LSU boast three returning All-SEC players on the line, Brett Helms, Herman Johnson, and Ciron Black (was also 2nd team All-American).

The line playing as experienced as they are is one of the main keys for LSU being successful this season, because if they don't make it easier on LSU's young QB's it could be really hard on LSU to move the ball with a one dimensional offense.

  • Offensive MVP
  • RB Keiland Willlams
  • Player to watch
  • QB Andrew Hatch or Jarret Lee
  • Player on the Rise
  • WR Demetrious Byrd


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