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     It's the early morning hours following the no-call that has gotten nothing but attention since it was made at the end of Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals. Was there contact? Certainly. Was it a foul? Yes. I now that, if the situation were reversed, I'd want the Lakers to get that call and be upset if they didn't. Though it wouldn't have even been a continuation, but a two shot foul (LA was over the limit) in which Brent Barry could have tied the game and the Lakers would have a second or so to win the game had it been called. It was a bad call, but it was hardly the only bad call during the game. First of all, Derek Fisher's shot hit the rim and bounced out of bounds off of Robert Horry just before that. That should have given LA a new shot clock with San Antonio's only option being to foul. The wrong call was made. Lamar Odom's block on Tony Parker after a fast break that was called goaltending looked awfully clean. It was very reminiscent to Tayshawn Prince blocking Reggie Miller in the '04 Eastern Conference Playoffs. It looked like the wrong call was made. J. A. Adande of ESPN also brought up another great point for all of the Spurs fans screaming bloody murder this morning.

"Perhaps they remembered how they benefited from the same thought process when Bob Delaney didn't blow the whistle when Bruce Bowen grabbed LeBron James at the end of Game 3 in the NBA Finals last year."    

--J. A. Adande

     I mentioned two calls within the last minute of the game that also drastically would have changed the outcome of that game. They are getting little-to-no attention on this early morning, with all of the publicity leaning towards LA getting away with the call. Lamar Odom put it best at the end of the game when told by an interviewer that it looked like a bad call. "I saw a bunch of those," Odom replied. I'll give the Spurs themselves a lot of credit, though. They have said all of the right things and not made any excuses, which is commendable. But bottom line, the Spurs were given the majority of the calls all game long. So because the Lakers get a break at the END of the game it makes it ok to scream bloody murder?

      On a completely unrelated note, can we stop talking about how Manu Ginobili is hurt and that is why he isn't playing well? Kobe is hurt. Pau Gasol has been nursing injuries. Lamar Odom, Sasha Vujacic, Derek Fisher, Trevor Ariza and the list goes on and on. Ginobili was praised during game three and looked pretty healthy then, so why is he injured again for game 4? Is it possible that LA is just playing him well?


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