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This is a long debated battle. We have the Play Station 3, with excellent graphics, and the XBox 360, with the popular XBox Live. I personally like the XBox 360 better. It has better games and better graphics. Have you ever played Guitar Hero 3 or MLB 2K7 or even Halo 3 on it?

On XBox Live, you can go against anybody on virtually any game. You can go against people in guitar battles. You can play Slayer against people on Halo 3, and everything else like that. You can get achievements, which you get, say you get a perfect on a song on Guitar Hero. You can get Microsoft points to buy music videos, game demos, game hints, and other cool things. I have never played a Play Station 3, but from the demos of games I have played, the XBox 360 is better.

I mean, yeah, you can go online on the Play Station 3. I have a XBox 360, but not Live. But I have played Live at my friends house. You can talk to each other. If you have a headset, you can attach it your controller and talk to each other.The best pard is that if you have one of those video camera things where you can chat, and have a video chat! That is awesome. Even if you don't have Microsoft Points, you can get demos of the songs, like Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace.The PS3 was given the number-eight spot on PC World magazine's list of "The Top 21 Tech Screwups of 2006," where it was criticized for being "Late, Expensive, and Incompatible.


It might have gotten better since 2006, but really the only problem the XBox 360 has is often known as the "Red Ring of Death". That is only the sign of it overheating. There has been 10.08 million units sold as of May 1, 2008, and only 4.29 million units sold as of May 1, 2008, for the Play Station 3. Even though the Play Station 3 has been out for a shorter time, the XBox 360 has way more of it's system sold.

The Xbox 360 comes from Microsoft, which is a very sucessful francise that makes PC games, too. The Play Station 3 comes from Sony. Don't get me wrong, Sony isn't horrible, it made the PS2, PSP, and PS1, but Microsoft is way more sucessful. Sony has had a tendency to make it's game system without good graphics. Don't get me wrong, the PSP and PS3 have excllent graphics. Not a lot of games come out for the PS3.

I was talking to my friend on FanNation, a sports website, and he says that the PS3 has MLB: The Show. So, the XBox 360 has virtually any game that comes out. It is the only game system that has Halo 3. It is also the only game system that has Saint's Row. Those were two very sucessful games, especially Halo 3. The Play Station 3 has good games, but not a lot of them.

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