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After the main event, Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson summed up not only his performance, but the entire show when he said, "...I've got a lot to learn, a long way to go." It seems that so does Elite XC and CBS. The show had its share of glitches and controversial stoppages. The kind of things that turn the hardcore fans stomachs, but this production was for the casual fan, so it will be interesting to see if they were put off, or turned on by the MMA's first shot at network TV.


8 Number of fights stopped (8) due to (T)KO. One of the oddest came during the Matt Makowski/Nick Serra fight when an exhausted Serra refused to stand up from the butt scoot position. After warnings and a point deduction Serra couldn't continue and the fight was called at 3:57 of round two.


931 The last prelim bout between Chris Liguori and Jim Bova lasted an agonizingly long (9:31) for Elite XC's Gary Shaw and the CBS production crew. With little time left before the main card they rushed to get the fight in and almost breathed a sigh of relief when Liguori just missed Bova with a head kick early. The fight went on though until finally at the 4:31 mark of round two it was stopped due to Bova being cut.


101 In a fight between Brett Rogers and Jon Murphy that seemed destined to end with a (T)KO, it was Rogers to deliver and in a hurry when he dropped Murphy at only (1:01) of round one. The win pushed Rogers to 7-0 with six (T)KO's, and dropped Murphy to 4-3.


10 The second fight of the main card lasted exactly (0:10) longer than the first. In this one it was Joey Villasenor dropping Phil Baroni and then bringing the rain until the fight was stopped at 1:11 of round one. The win improved Villasenor's record to 26-6, and sank Baroni's to an even (10) wins and (10) losses.


45 Gina Carano came in (4.5) lbs above weight, but it didn't matter against Kaitlin Young. The two women put on a great show for two rounds. The fight was stopped at the end of round two after Carano almost finished it with a rear naked choke. Young looked roughed up, but seemed fine to continue, the fight was stopped between rounds nonetheless.


36 Through a combined (36) fights neither Robbie Lawler nor Scott Smith had experienced a no contest. That is until their Elite XC middleweight title fight on CBS. After 13:26 of fighting the contest was called when the referee determined Smith could not continue due to a finger to the eye. A shame because both men fought hard for so long to walk away with a no contest, and Smith wanted to continue. A few moments to recover might have been more prudent, but it didn't happen that way and both fighters walked away unsatisfied.


60 For the last (60) seconds of round two James Thompson sat in side control and delivered elbows and punches to the side of "Kimbo's" head. Albeit they weren't exactly earth shaking, they were continuous. The fight wasn't stopped though, and Ferguson survived to fight another round. It was a shock to most that the fight even made it into round two, yet now it was going to round three with Thompson looking more than solid. Round three however saw "Kimbo" catch Thompson with a right hook to the ear. The bulbous ear "popped" and a waterfall of blood leaked down Thompson's neck. He was wobbled, Ferguson was exhausted, and the referee stopped the fight at 0:38 of round three. Many think the stoppage was questionable especially when earlier "Kimbo" had Thompson staggering and then when during the aforementioned end of round two Thompson bounced his fists off "Kimbo's" head relentlessly.


As previously mentioned, it was an odd night. Not something the serious MMA fans wanted to see especially with so much riding on the production, but only time will tell if the casual fan saw it the same way.

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I'd also love to get comments from casual fans, what did you think of the show?


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