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Heres we go again into the NBA Draft,picks 1-15 lets see how it all goes

1.Chichago Bulls-With no big needs I see them trading down with the Nets for 2 fiirst round pocks(10,21) and the Mets second round picks for the next two years.With that being said the Nets have always needed a Big Man and Beasley will be there choice.At 6'9 235 pounds he has the potential to be an Amare Soudemire or Kevin Garnett type guy.He has a solid jump shot and is a great rebounder who hustles his heart out making him the first selection in this years NBA draft

2.Miami Heat-With Beasley off the board they have no other choice but to draft Rose. Rose would add another demension for there offense and is the surest player in the draft having the potential to be a Chris Paul type of player because he scors at will,he has a decent jump shot,and is a good defender.Rose would convince Marion to stay and give the Heat one of the best backcourts in all of basketball

3.Minninsota Timmberwolves-Like years before the lottery didn't go Minnisotas way but thill still find a solid player here in Jarred Bayless.By draft Bayless it would allow them to move Foye up to his natural postion of small guard and letting Bayless play point. Jarred is a tremoundous scorer averaging just below 20 points a game last year.He can drive,shoot, and has a deadly three point shot making him a prefect ft for the Wolves at number three.

4.Seatle SuperSonics-With needs at almost every position there best option is to take the best play avalible at this point and that is Brook Lopez.Lets face it teams that win have a good guard and big man.With Lopez the Sonics would have a killer 1-2 punch in Durent and Lopez making this a perfect choice.

5.Memphis Grezzles-At number five there is no great player but still a lot of talent on the board.With Beasley and Lopez already off the board I see them selecting Kevin Love. Love is the best big man on the board at this point and would let Darko be a role player instead of a starter.He would add another demsion to there offense and has the potential to be a Tim Duncan if he continues to wotk hard and devolope his game.This 19 year old has a lot of skill and with him,Conley and Gay they have the oieces in place to make a run at the playoffs.

6.New York Knicks-The Knicks need a true point guard now that Marbury is out of the picture which they would get in DJ Augustine.DJ's a great point guard and was the main reason for Texas's sucess the last few years,averaging 19 points and 6 assist least year he is a solid point guard and will be the Knicks pick ?

7.Clippers-OJ Mayo will be there pick.After averaging 20 points,5 rebounds and 3 assist last year he is one of the most complete players in this draft.At number seven the Clippers would love to have him because he could come in and play right away at either point or small guard. Last year there starting small guard was Ross who averaged less then 10 points and 4 rebounds so Mayo will be the perfect fit here.

8.Milwaukee Bucks-Gordon is a dynamic scorer who can play with the Bucks kind of style. He will assist Michael Redd and the rest of the Bucks.Plus be a great sixth man and make Williams a bit more movable making this a great fit

9. Bobcats-With no big needs thill pick the best player avaible which is Danilo Gallinari. The Italian averaged 18 points,6 rebounds and 2 assist last year against NBA type players.Hes fast,quick and is killer from behind the arc making him the Bobcats selection. ?

10.With the Bulls first pick in the draft after the trade they will select Russell Westbrook. Westbrook would provide another great scorer on the team that backcourt already consist of Hinrick and Gordon.Guard isn't there biggest need but they have a good roster and hes the best player on the board making this a nice pick.

11.Indiana Pacers-After missing on DJ Augustine and Russell Westbrook the Pacers will end up taking Anthony Randolph.Compared to Chris Bosh because of his size,strength and atletism he would help out and give the Pacers the depth they need by backing up both Dunelvey and O'Neal and eventually becoming a starter making him the 11th pick in this years NBA Draft.

12.Kings-The Kings really need a point guard but with the best four off the board thill end up taking Brandon Rush. Rush will make an idmetiate impact because of his speed and how great his shot is,hes a winner and brings along with him a dream of being one of only a few players to win both a nation championship and an NBA Finals.Rush would be groomed to take over for Ron Artest which would able them to trade him for a few picks or a solid point guard making Rush a Sacramento King.

13.Portland-The Trailblazers are only a few moves away from making the playoffs and with Oden coming back they have no glaring needs but would love to add depth at some positions.With Joe Alexander still on the board I see them coming to there senses and making another great draft choice. Alexander was the main reason for West Virginia's successes last year and averaged great numbers,hes a terrific scorer and has a solid shot kinda like a Peja but that he can drive as good as anyone making him the right choice.

14.Goldan State Warriors-The Warriors have always lacked a big man and this would be the spot to get one.With Koufos,Jordon, and Aurther still on the board they have a lot of choices but Jordon will be there guy.Even though he didn't average the best numbers in collage he has an NBA type body and was excepted to go in the top 10.At this point hes way better then Koufos and Aurther because of his natural nack for the ball on the defensive end.Hes a great defender and with an offense like he Warriors with Davis and Ellis theres no reason why he cant become a star.

15.Pheniox Suns-The Suns haven't played there draft picks for some years now but this habit may change with a new head coach.The Suns could use another big man to replace Shaq once he retires and this is the spot to do it. Koufos is an amazing athlete and has the potential to be a solid center in this league like a better scoring version of Premo Brezic.He rebounds and scores as good as any center in this years draft making him the Suns selection.

Whats is your top 15?



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