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All right.  First of all I guess I have to reveal that I actually enjoy watching the WWE.  I know it's not real, but it's entertaining.  And that's why it's called World Wrestling Entertainment.  Anyway, I have a little bit of a problem with what just happened on tonight's "Monday Night Raw."

Vincent Kennedy McMahon is the Chairman of the WWE.  He books the matches, hires and fires, etc.  He does it all.  He also competes in matches when the time is appropriate.  He held one of the titles (ECW World Title) for a little while, and then lost it two weeks ago to a rather large athlete named Bobby Lashley.  And here is where everything started to go wrong.

McMahon's gimmick changed into a man so lost and out of it because he no longer had the title.  He started booking matches that were "unfair."  He no longer had that swagger of being in total control and being the mean boss.  His voice became a lot quieter and soft-spoken.  To "cheer himself up" he declared last night's "Raw" as "Mr. McMahon Appreciation Night."

And then the problem arose.

After the three-hour festivity, McMahon walked slowly to the ring amid a chorus of boos.  He then softly stated, "Thank you," and walked back up the ramp.  Now in the back, his assistant directed him to his limo.  He glanced back at all of the WWE Superstars in the back room once more, and got to his limo.  He slowly shut the door, and then the whole thing exploded as the show went off the air. now claims that McMahon is "presumed dead."

I know that wrestling is fake, and that it's basically a male-oreinted soap opera, but come on.  They're saying that the owner of the business is dead after his vehicle explodes.

To read the article, go to

Obviously, McMahon is still kicking and breathing.  It's just a new angle for the company to follow.  Either they've written McMahon off of TV forever or they'll say he escaped the fire, since it says he's "presumed" dead. 

But why do this?

This isn't a smart decision at all.  Obviously McMahon will still make all the decision behind the scenes for WWE.  But why write him off TV?  What if he wants to strut down the ring and be on the mike in two years?  Well, they won't be able to do that since he "died."

So basically "killing" McMahon is terrible for two reasons.

1.  He won't be able to come back to television even if he wants to in a few years.

2.  Saying someone died when they truly did not is not entertaining/funny/smart/business-like/etc.

I will continue watching "Monday Night Raw" because I get entertained for a couple hours a week from it.  But it's going to take a little while for my mind to get over the fact that they had someone, let alone the biggest name in wrestling, die just to change things up and/or make publicity.

Comments would be absolutely fantastic for this post, especially from both wrestling and non-wrestling fans.  This is definitely a topic that everyone/anyone can express an opinion on.


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