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Anthony E-is out.

*Hello everyone. I was bored and didn't feel like looking up who was next on the list (its one long list), so I decided to interview myself! Enjoy!



AE: Hello everybody and welcome to this edition of Just Ask Cincy with your host for today Anthony E.! And your guest for today is the one and only, the Penn St. diehard, FanNation's Resident Philly Phanatic, the man who stuck with the Raiders and 76ers through thick and thin, the father of the Big Ten Football Group...I present to you...Anthony E.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AE.- Please hold your applause you are embarrasing me! 

AE: So Anthony you seem to be back on FanNation. Why the hiatuses?

AE.- Well school got busy and I was having trouble finding any spare time. And my life was filling up with obligations, and FanNation just wasn't getting the time it deserved. I love this community, and can't stay away for too long though.

AE: Certainly glad to have you back though. Now for some personal questions...Where do you hail from, and can you give us something interesting about your hometown?

AE.- Of Course! I hail from good old Easton, PA. Its on the eastern border of Pennsylvania on the Delaware River. An interesting fact about Easton...there are a couple.

1) One of the signers of the Declration of Independence lived in Easton.

2) Easton is home to Lafayette University, which plays Lehigh every year for the longest running college football rivalry at any level in the Nation. I live two blocks up from Lafayette's field which means I get to see a lot of history!

3) Easton H.S., where I attend school, has an annual Thanksgiving Day rivalry game with Phillipsburg H.S., which is in New Jersey directly across the river. This year will be the 102nd meeting for the two teams (Easton has a huge edge all time, and the 100th meeting was my freshman year, and was televised on ESPN!) and they play that game at Fisher Field, Lafayette's Home Turf...which means I see even more history with it being so close to home.

AE: Wow that's seems like a pretty nice place to live...

AE.- My Buddy Wallace doesn't seem to think so. He claims we have a lot of violence. I don't tend to believe him. He is just jealous because Pen Argyl is a small town school with a rivalry no one cares about. 

AE: OK. Well we know you are an avid Penn St., Phillies, 76ers, and Temple fan. They are all local teams seeing you live in Pennsylvania. But why don't you like the Eagles? And why do you like the Raiders?

AE.- Well I grew up liking the teams my dad liked. And my dad was best friends with a Raider fan when he came to this country from Lebanon, and so watched football with his friend, and grew up liking the Raiders. It's kinda simple. And I have an extreme hate for the Eagles because I hear too much about them living here...

AE: Hmm. How did you get started on FanNation?

AE.- Ah yes. Quite simply saw the ad on SI, and thought I'd give it a shot. I can tell you I NEVER THOUGHT it would be this great!

AE: Any mentors?

AE.-Bigdleech, Wallace, SoonerGirl, Krobe 09, Dyhard. In a nutshell they helped me get around.

AE: Your proudest FanNation accomplishment?

AE.- Well I never won any tourneys, never reached a .500 td record, never got the most active spot...but I did win some great TDs, did come back from an 0-5 start in tds to the record I have now, and did get on the most active list. But my proudest accomplishment is the Big Ten Football Group, and the tight knit community we have there. And being relatively well liked around here I would like to think.

AE: Your 3 favorite bloggers?

AE.-RUGator, Dudeman, Myself

AE: Best bloggers?

AE.- RUGator, Marc. H 

AE: So your electoral views?

AE.- Haha. Anything is better than what we have now. Anything. Enough said.

AE: Thanks for being specific. Chocolate or Vanilla?

AE.- Vanilla.

AE:  Spearmint vs. Cinnamon?

AE.- Cinnamon.

AE: Apples or Oranges?

AE.- Apples.

AE: BMW or Mitsibishi?


AE: Really?

AE.- Yeah... the point of those questions were...?

AE: To see your personality. You seem to be a smart, mellow but daring, and simple kind of guy. Match you?

AE.- Perfectly.

AE: Well everyone that is all the time we have for today's show! If you have any questions for Anthony E. about himself that we didn't mention here, leave a comment, and we'll answer it! Thanks for watching this episode of Just Ask Cincy! 


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