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Brian handed the clerk at the Shell Station a 5 dollar bill as he scooped up his slice of pizza and tore into it.Brian had barely been eating 2 small meals a day.He was trying to limit his exposure in public.Sauce began to drip on his shirt as he was munching down.He also needed to take a wiz and strolled to the restroom.


Once inside,Brian began to wash up.He smelled like a skunk that had just eaten a bunch of rotten bananas.He looked to his left and just his luck,found an axe can at his feet.He sprayed a few times and tossed it in his bag he was carrying with him,along with some waterbottles,money(no credit or checks,to risky)and some ammo.


Brian looked into the mirror and looked at his reflection.He had very dark circles under his eyes,and had scratches and bruises all over his face.He was not the example of personal hygiene at the time.


He went to the stall and started to take a wizz.The bathroom door opened and someone walked toward him.Wait....Something was pointed to his head,"finish what you're doing there and come with me" a man said in a gruff voice.Brian knew what was happening.


Brian turned around and began to leak all over the man.The man looked down quickly,giving Brian the opening he needed.He kneed the man in the head,blood spurted all over the place.Quickly Brian took the man's head and twisted it awkwardly.A crack was heard and the man fell to the floor.


Brian leaned in,the smell of fresh urine still lingering.He took a good luck at the man and could could unmistakably identify him as one of Pyro's clonies.Brian could do nothing,he stuffed the body in the trash can and took off.Brian hurriedly walked out the store and into the hot,unrelenting sun.




Surely Pyro would visit today!Surely!He had paid a visit only yesterday.But Brian waited.Brian had info Pyro needed,and he would have to speak to him.Of coure he would!Brian began to speak to himself hysterically.


The man he had first met voiced over the speaker,"so how do you think your family is today?"Then,a solid thud was heard.Brian heard Keylee yell," No Mommy!" Don't hurt Mommy,PLEASE!"A smack was heard,and Keylee fell silent,but small sobs still escaped her terrified face.


Brian began to beg,No!Stop!Stop!I'll do anything!Anything ay?Brian heard the click as the speaker went off.Then the door opened and in walked Pyro.Brian craled over on his hands and knees."Please!.............. stop!..........Just tell me what you want!"


Pyro's eyes burned with pleasure.He turned his back on Brian and walked back to the door.No,please!I beg you,Brian was on the verge of going mad.And Brain looked into Pyro's eyes as he turned.It was almost like staring into the gates of hell.


Pyro uttered a few words that sent Brian to the breaking point:"See you soon"


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