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Something odd came up in my e-mail. Someone asked me to look over some of his TDs and his "career" on Fannation- I gave some impressions- biased as they were and we got to chatting- and then the term respect came up. I mentioned that unlike "real" life, respect on Fannation is not earned, it is given.

Let me put it another way- If I am on the street- I can earn your respect by dunking on you, out running you, blocking you, tackling you or straight kicking your rear end. In a class environment, I can earn it by outsmarting you. Bottom line I have to get it by showing either I'm better than you- or performing well enough that you have to respect my effort.

I.E If ZO walks into my gym- I am not going to beat him- but he will respect that fact that this fat 35 year old white dude with bad knees is not afraid to take him on (and lose 100 straight times)

But here? I can win 100 TDs and still not be respected- If they are all against newbies and idiots, or I can win 5 against people such as D-Fan, Porkins, CCC, Coletrain and The Ram and get respect.

But the odds of going 5-0 vs that lineup is not likely for 99% of Fannation. (Legit)

Here is the great secret of TDing here people,

Your records mean JACK here- in terms of respect- I can win 10 more TDs vs newbies and yes- I am closer to winning 1K (witch I keep getting e-mails about) but does that earn me any more credibility at 745 than at 755?

No. Let me tell you what gets my respect.

I get a mail to go look at a TD- and it's a baseball one- normally I stop there but in tourneys I try to at least give a legit vote. (esp. if it is MY tourney group) and if I look at the comments after voting- and I see names like CCC, or MOH Coach or Rstowe staying Left is wrong and I voted right- then I'm going to reevaluate my choice- same as a Football with Big Ben and Roger Goodell or Basketball with GOAT and Joe Drinks a Dew.


Still think TD records matter?

MOH Coach is 66 - 14 - 4

GOAT is 33-11-3

Big Ben68 is 38-4-0

Yet these three are probably 3 of the most respected men on Fannation. On ANYONES list.  Yes they get petty- yes they can be wrong (I am a combined 4-7 vs Goat and Coach after all)

I have no idea how much respect I have on this site- I mean I do have my own hate group- that vote against me- I would say at one time I had the second biggest on the site. But I wonder if I would have the same credibility if say I was 3rd on the wins list instead of 1st. I do enjoy seeing an email from a TD that just started stating I have been waiting to TD you or I've been waiting to see how I'd do vs a vet- even though volume alone I might be the easiest HOF to beat- well until Roger gets in- then I take a step back as 50 Bills TDs get tossed out there and we see 500 Marino vs Kelly TDs

So how is one given respect?

Some People on Fannation by their nature are immature, and one group of people may respect while another thinks of you as a joke. You cannot gain universal respect on the internet anymore than you can gain the powers of flight.

Respect on FN starts with fear. STARTS. But fear alone can't lead to respect. A flashy TD record might make you intimidating at first, but if you can't back it up or you go against weak TDers then it means nothing.

You will gain more respect losing a baseball TD to someone like Rstowe 40-38 then beating someone like, say me 90-1. By the same token beating someone who is 15-0 is not going to give you the same credibility as beating someone 150-101 - even though they have a worse record- they have been around longer.

If I get into a TD- or someone wants to get into my groups like NMI or SIFS or something like that- I look at who they have faced- Look at gonets- there is names like Goodell, DyHard, Coletrain, Erwin, Cain-Willis., Porkins, Duquesne, Coach and even me Just at FIRST glance on there- that is 10 people on there that are all over the leaderboard- If you don't respect that 44-27-1 record - you should.

I look at a TD list of someone and the ONLY name I pull up is say DyHard and D-Fan and you are 85-7-0 and the rest I have never heard of-

Guess who I respect more.

Another Example?

The Savage: 17 - 12 - 7

His Opposition?  Goodell:, Cincy, Lifer, SS, Hyped, Wookiee, and me (I TD everyone) - and consider maybe half of his losses are to the above- He is on his way to respect.

Leave comments when you vote- If a person makes thoughtful, intelligent comments, then he earns my respect. If you vote against me and TELL me why- and if I fanmail you a question and you can DEFEND your point then that gains my respect. I Mail a LOT of people that vote against me- not to get them to change their vote- to clarify what they say.

If you state D. Wilkins is a better defender than I think he is- and I mail you saying you are full of POO. And you give me a reason why I am wrong- you are STILL full of POO but I can respect you standing your ground.

You need to be open to other people's arguments and ideas. Even if you might disagree on a personal level.

You also need to judge TDs, blogs, etc on what's said- not your own opinions. People will respect your input if they know it's generally not biased. I can write in my TD that James Lofton is an overrated wideout- and Goodell can beat me over my head repeatedly about how I am wrong and give me HARD PROOF why- but If I say the same thing about Eric Dickerson and get 10 comments saying basically- nuh-uh yet my opponent did NOTHING to prove his point - that hurts a little bit in my eyes- I have voted a LOT vs what I think is the case- simply because the person did not defend their point

Just remember- right doesn't always equal wins.

It's important to be nice to people- encourage good arguments and give credit where credit is due. Being positive will give you a good rep and let others know they can count on you to at least be open-minded.

Certain people have a rep for being a pain on this site- and that's fine by me- Frank, Cassidy, Me, Hemo the list goes on and on- yet push comes to shove all have some respect on here- Frank can TD with the best until he loses his Meds, Cassidy is much better than her Haternation gives her credit for and Hemo knows what he is doing- The Best example here is Ghosthunter- who stirs up crud for no reason on blogs, TDs, you name it- but when it is HIS name on a TD- you better strap in and backup your statements- he's number 4 on the leaderboard and has beaten some of the best on here.

Bottom line - Be fair, and always be willing to back your siht up. If you vote in a TD, be ready to explain why and have solid reasons. If you make arguments, have reasons for making them and be ready to back them up.

You might lose the TD, but you'll win the respect of the people that matter on this site.

Thanks to Porkins for letting me rip him off- and Ghost for taking a preview, and to the 2 people that inspired this Blog (unnamed 1 and 2)


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