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This is my pet peeve of pet peeves: over-rated players. I can't stand them! The news and writers are all in love with them. Every time I hear this I just want to throw my cat at the TV. So I decided to compile a list od the most over-rated players in sports today, so I never have to hear about them again:

Footbal: Reggie Bush: Won the Heisman, was drafted second, and then...nothing. And yet, the New Orleans fans are still hollering and hooting for this kid. Some interesting facts: He was, before, during, and right after the draft, considered to be one of the best running backs to come out of the draft for years and years, but if you look at his stats, they are nothing to cheer about: In his first two seasons, he had a combined  1146 yards rushing and 1159 yards recieving, with 10 fumbles and 14 touchdowns. This after two years. Now that isn't horrible, but to put it in perspective, Willie Parker, an undrafted free agent thought to be worth dirt, rushed for 1202 yards in his FIRST year starting. Just one year.

Basketball: Shaquille O'Neal: This may be one of the most overrated players of all time in my book. People say he is one of the best players to ever play? Hardly. he is not even in the top 50. Sure, he can slam dunk better than most and is just about the biggest man you will ever see (measuring 7'1", 325 pounds), but beyond that he is absolutely wothless, a liability. He cannot shoot outside the paint for the life of him. He had a 53% from the free throw line last season and a (gigle) 0% from the 3 pointer. His PPG last season was 12. His fouls are also a huge liability. he was secong place in fouls last year with 3.7 per game. lets face it: Shaq is a hack.

Basebal: Alex Rodriguez: (Gasp!) According to most, this man can walk on water. Sure, he is a homerun-hitting machine, but beyond that he is just a solid player. Homeruns are all that he has, and he is overpayed to the extreme. He is a phenomenal player, no doubt, but NO ONE IS WORTH 29,000,000 DOLLARS! That is just an insane amount! I can not count to 29,000,000! Geez, to think what could be done with that money! We could cure cancer, save Africa, stop global warming, eliminate poverty, but NOOO, we just had to see some bighead swing a bat 583 times!

Hockey: Jaromir Jagr: Was a good player way back when, but now is not very good at all. He just takes all the credit for the Rangers, but does not do very much. Sure, he "leads" the team in points, but he is not a very good locker room leader, from the stories that I heard. He is slow and lazy and just does not look like he is trying very hard. He was very good when he was with the Penguins and Washington, but now he is not very good. He only has 71 points(good, but not up to his ratings), and is horrible at defense. He is just too old for this game.

Soccer: David Beckham: No surprises here, folks, right? This man got so much hype when he came to America to play and people compared him to the Second Coming because he was going to "Save the MLS". Then he came and...did nothing. He was not very good. I don't now much about soccer, but stories said that he was unproductive and did not live up to his huge hype at all. WAY overrated.

Well, folks, here it is. Hopefully I will never hear any of these names ever again. Ever. Please? 



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